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A Hustler’s Mini Guide to Budge-Lux Travel

Reading Time: 7 minutes Hey, travelers hey!! I have been asked more times than I can count how I am able to travel so frequently on a teacher’s salary. Now, although the question can quite frankly come off rude…

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Reading Time: 12 minutes Hey, travelers hey! Quite often I’m asked a variety of questions about my lifestyle and how it is that I came to live it. And more times than not, I give the generic, “I teach…

If people are going to continue to ask me "How do you travel so much?" I think they need to hear the raw Tia lifetime story answer, "I got here because I f*$ck*d up...A LOT!! Keep reading to get the full scoop

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Ramadan Kareem!!

Reading Time: 9 minutes   *NOTE TO READER** Information in this article is based on my experiences while living in the UAE. I do not practice Islam and I am not an expert on the religion. I am solely giving…

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Reading Time: 3 minutes Travel in itself takes a special kind of person. And when you start talking about adding other people, agendas, and personalities to the mix you can rest assured you will possibly, most certainly, PROBABLY run…

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I Ain’t Never Scared! (Travel Fears)

Reading Time: 8 minutes Dream Trip Scenario: Wake up on time with a perfectly packed bag, stop and have a snack before departure. All documents are present and accounted for. Flight staff is friendly, the flight path is clear,…

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