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Travel Talk: The Book of Coupons

Reading Time: 1 minute   Let’s talk about savings! I preach budge-lux travel 95% of the time. The other 5% is to the very few times in my life that I decide to ball out and spend my coins…

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Abu Dhabi is NOT Dubai

Reading Time: 7 minutes   If someone ask me “How is it living in Dubai?” ONE MORE TIME, I may have a conniption fit! From the Fast and the Furious jumping luxury cars from skyscrapers to housing one of…

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A Hustler’s Mini Guide to Budge-Lux Travel

Reading Time: 7 minutes   I have been asked more times than I can count how I am able to travel so frequently on a teacher’s salary. Now, although the question can quite frankly come off rude depending on…

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Reading Time: 12 minutes Quite often I’m asked a variety of questions about my lifestyle and how it is that I came to live it. And more times than not, I give the generic, “I teach in the Middle…

If people are going to continue to ask me "How do you travel so much?" I think they need to hear the raw Tia lifetime story answer, "I got here because I f*$ck*d up...A LOT!! Keep reading to get the full scoop

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Ramadan Kareem!!

Reading Time: 9 minutes   *NOTE TO READER** Information in this article is based on my experiences while living in the UAE. I do not practice Islam and I am not an expert on the religion. I am solely giving…

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