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26 Hours In Seychelles

Reading Time: 8 minutes Imagine, planning the one day out of the year dedicated to celebrating your life, your existence, the blessing of another trip around the sun and BOOM!! You’re surprised with a birthday trip to a beautiful island BUT¬†you only have 26 hours to visit. Impossible, right? For the average traveler, yes. But for the world travel …


Tia Takes Nairobi

Reading Time: 16 minutes I’ve always felt such a strong connection to Africa. I felt I was missing something when I ¬†studied the geography of the continent. When I researched the history of my ancestors and compared work ethics & community ties there was a ball of emotions I knew I wanted to explore. But I felt the closest …


Tia Takes Kochi

Reading Time: 12 minutes This week’s entry will take you through the amazing south side of India to the beautiful state of Kerala and self named town “God’s own country”, Kochi. So, just a little background about my not so healthy relationship with India. Last year in November I had planned a trip with a group of my friends …

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