UNITED ARAB EMIRATES The United Arab Emirates is known for its beautiful scenery which is often matched to none. After a cross country road trip through each of the Emirates, I found some of the best places to take free and affordable instagrammble shots. If you are a picture lover and an adventurer, explore not […]

Disgraceful Deportation

Young, Black and DEPORTED. Traveling is not for the faint of heart. Of course, Instagram paints a pretty travel life picture. Blue waters, dope explorations, exotic dishes, great shots with bomb outfits as part of the backdrop. Travel life is IT! But what’s not IT is sitting in immigration waiting to be deported. Let me […]

Travel Pet Peeves PT. 1

  Hey Travelers Heeeey!!! Travel presents so many amazing experiences in life such as cultural experiences, perspectives on lives that you may not have had otherwise, the chance to relax in beautiful places that may be out of your normal reach and so much more. Travel can also be a pain. From canceled flights, horrible […]

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