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The basics

Ok, I am a 25-year-old small town physical education teacher with dreams bigger than you can even imagine. This blog will chronicle what those dreams are and the road I choose to take to reach them. I think I’m pretty interesting and cool….maybe you will too. :=)
The beginning

This is where my new journey begins. Before you continue to read please understand that I am in a small state of fear as I start this blog. I have recently been offered the opportunity to teach abroad in Abu Dhabi, UAE. COOL RIGHT!! My fear doesn’t come from flying half way across the world and leaving the life I knew behind. It doesn’t even stir up when I begin to think of alllll of the things that could possibly happen while I’m there. My fear comes in when I realize that it is only an opportunity and not my reality yet. Let me explain:
I was recently told about a teaching job that would allow me to travel around the world. I was introduced to a lot of influential people who wanted to help me get the position. I was told that I was a sure pick and all I would have to do is complete a face to face interview. In my mind, I’m pretty charming and cool so I figured this should be EASY ENOUGH RIGHT?
Maybe, but am I the only one that has been told that you have an opportunity, prize, gift, etc. waiting for you only to be let down? Well if you haven’t let me tell you as someone who has; it is NO FUN!! So, although I feel super confident about my odds of getting this position there is the gut feeling that it could be snatched from me before it is really even given to me. Understand my fear now?
One thing you will learn about me, either through this traveling experience or the next, is that I NEVER let fear or failure stop me. NOBODY SHOULD(MESSAGE!).
So the journey begins (again lol). I have an interview on May 10 in New York. That’s a whole 10 days away!!! Talk about an impatient patty<<===that’s me! Although there is soooo much for me to get done right now I just want to interview and get the official job offer. I mean wouldn’t you? But since time isn’t up to me I’ll just wait and prepare myself.  I’ve been filling my brain with the best responses to the interview prep questions I received and I am somewhat ready but you can never be toooo prepared right? Well, that’s what I’m going to think until this thing is over lol. So, if you drop by and read this post. Lift me up in prayer. Prayer for a successful interview, a great contract, safe travels, and a wonderful experience.
Ms. Impatient