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Abu Dhabi is NOT Dubai

Reading Time: 6 minutes   With all of her beauty, charm, and elegance, Cinderella could never gain respect from her sisters or attention from those around her. Often times misrepresented as the ugly duckling and passed over as if…

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A Hustler’s Mini Guide to Budge-Lux Travel

Reading Time: 7 minutes   I have been asked more times than I can count how I am able to travel so frequently on a teacher’s salary. Now, although the question can quite frankly come off rude depending on…

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Reading Time: 12 minutes Quite often I’m asked a variety of questions about my lifestyle and how it is that I came to live it. And more times than not, I give the generic, “I teach in the Middle…

If people are going to continue to ask me "How do you travel so much?" I think they need to hear the raw Tia lifetime story answer, "I got here because I f*$ck*d up...A LOT!! Keep reading to get the full scoop

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Ramadan Kareem!!

Reading Time: 9 minutes   *NOTE TO READER** Information in this article is based on my experiences while living in the UAE. I do not practice Islam and I am not an expert on the religion. I am solely giving…

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Reading Time: 3 minutes Travel in itself takes a special kind of person. And when you start talking about adding other people, agendas, and personalities to the mix you can rest assured you will possibly, most certainly, PROBABLY run…

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