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I’m all about doing things that are out of the norm. Essentially, I try to do things off of the beaten path in my everyday life and especially when I’m traveling. Fortunately, living in the UAE with its constant progressions, there are always unique activities to do. You know, outside of the top 10 list that you find on almost EVERY travel blogger or influencers page that has visited Abu Dhabi & Dubai. If you look in the right places you can find some really dope experiences that you don’t read about in the headlines. Keep reading to find out about Abu Dhabi’s hidden gem: Al Wathba Cycle Track.


The Al Wathba Cycling track has been named one of the best cycling tracks in the UAE. With the desert surrounding you at every angle, you get the best parts of nature scenically while getting your cycle on in the process. The full track is about 30 kilometers long and but has four routes to choose from. Cyclers with less experience or a lesser desire to pedal their legs off can bike the 8km(5 miles) or 16km (10 miles) route. While expert bikers can choose to cycle the 20km (12 miles) or full 30km (19 miles) route. I’m not sure if you guessed this, but I took the shorter route.

Not only is the track a track but it also is a campground that can be used for, well….camping. But more popularly used for BBQ’ing which was really exciting for me. At around the 8KM (5 mile) mark, you can veer off to the left and set up for an afternoon barbeque which is amazing during the winter months. It’s not too hot or too cold.


To get there you should put Al Wathba Cycle Track parking into your GPS or else you’ll end up in somebody’s sandlot. (I’m not saying I did that…but I’m saying…don’t do that 😂). The drive is about 1 hour from Abu Dhabi city center (depending on who’s driving) and about and 1 hour and 30 minutes from Dubai’s Last Exit. Depending on the day and time that you visit you could see camel racing or equestrian training taking place as they are both located nearby. THE COST?

To access the Al Wathba Cycle Track is completely free. You can, however, rent a bike if you don’t have one of your own. Bike pricing is as follows:

Standard aluminum or hybrid bikes are Dhs30 per hour

Carbon bikes are Dhs60 per hour



Al Wathba Cycle Track is definitely a unique trip you should take in Abu Dhabi. Cycling through the desert was definitely a memorable experience for me. I found it so refreshing to bike in nature and just be free. An added bonus was having the ability to camp out following my bike ride. It was the perfect dose of nature and chill. This is definitely a jam-packed adventure as the camel races, fossil dunes and equestrian trainers are nearby. If you visit Abu Dhabi and have time, look up the Al Wathba Cycling Track for an uncommon yet exhilarating experience.


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  1. Hey Tia,

    Nice write up. Very helpful, keep it up 🙂

    I was looking at Al Wathba for late evening Barbeque with my partner, could you kindly share map location where I can do it ? Also, are we allowed to light up campfire around there ? Any feedback is much appreciated.

    – RC

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