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10 Reasons You Should Take A Girls Trip

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LIFE CAN BE TOUGH! Work is an everlasting cycle of clock in, clock out, then collect a check. The world is constantly throwing us political and social curveballs that are impossible to catch. And let’s talk about the game of adulting, which I’m sure, at times, we all have regrettably signed up to play like a game of Jumanji, and it’s relentless in its requirements. After giving and giving to all of the things that make up this thing called life, YOU NEED A BREAK! And what better way to relax and release than a good ole girls trip?

Girls trips are notoriously known for being that needed reset button in your life. Whether you are traveling with your best friends, your favorite cousins, sisters, co-workers, moms or daughters you probably already know that you are going to have the time of your life. Not only are girls trips a guaranteed good time but they can result in great health benefits, mentally & physically.

Still not convinced? Keep scrolling to find out the 10 reasons that you should take a girls trip.

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There is nothing like a vacay to recharge your low battery after working yourself to the bone. A girls trip can serve as a supercharge by giving you the chance to put all of your stressors on the table with the people who know you best and can give funny and sometimes unsolicited advice. This type of trip is absolutely necessary to your rejuvenation process and reminds you of the support that you have from the ones who love you most.


Not only can a girls trip give you that boost of energy you may have been missing but you can use your time to talk about the juicy ins and outs of your lives that you may not have been able to talk about due to your busy schedules. Most of the time we get caught up in life and we don’t have or make the time to just spill the juicy details and drama of our everyday life. The time spent during a girls trip serves as the perfect opportunity for just that.  Sometimes you just need to regurgitate the good, bad and the ugly with friends to gain perspective, laugh, and just feel whole again.



No matter your age, relationship talk will always find its way to someone’s lips when 2 or more gals meetup. Girls trips are the perfect time to spill your guts about that special someone you have the feels for or that stupid somebody who broke your heart. The best thing about girls trips unlike a quick meetup is that you can marinate on the conversations and revisit face to face over the trip.


It’s always exciting to venture to a new destination no matter how you get there. Girls trips provide you the perfect excuse to hang out with your friends and see a new place. Not only can you swing in seeing sites you’ve never explored but you can save money while doing it. Groups always come out cheaper during travel because you can split prices. Use the fact that you are traveling with more people to your advantage. You can divide a rental car with a group. You can also get a room/house that fits everyone to lower cost.


Sometimes we need our friends to give us that piece of creativity that we’ve been missing. Maybe your friends aren’t creative but their energy can spark up your creativity. Girls trips can give you a chance to bounce new and inventive ideas off of fresh minds. Your girls can tell you if your idea needs tweaking, if you have a million dollar concept or even offer you some new ways to make it pop. Time with the girls can also be used to motivate you. Who better to cheer you on in those goals that you set and just haven’t been able to reach than your girls? Take your time with your girls as a positivity project and encourage one another to be great!




We often move in environments that don’t allow us to fully be ourselves. Going into the workplace, most of the time, requires you to be on your P’s and Q’s. How many of your jobs would accept the crazy things that you do with your friends inside of the workplace?  Mine definitely wouldn’t. So, the time spent with your girls can offer a safe space just to be yourself. You can sing off-key, talk in a way that is natural and most of all, you can be vulnerable.


During vacation, we often get tied up in the site seeing, tours and food escapades that come along with visiting a place that isn’t home. When you take that time with your girls, there is always the chance to just relax. You may like to sit back and drink wine, paint each other’s nails do facials, or just talk. Whatever your cup of tea may be, you are bound to experience relaxation when you are taking a girls trip.


Now, if you plan to go on a trip with a group of people that you consider friends, they more than likely have similar interest to yours and what’s more fun than linking up with the people that love what you love?! Whether you like to act like a big kid and jump on the beds, dance, sing or play fun games, hanging out with the people you love will definitely turn into a fun time.


Based on an article by, Southern Living, trips with your girls is good for your health and can result in longer life expectancy, lower chances of heart disease and even helps you tolerate pain better. According to the article and researchers at Harvard, people who don’t have strong friendships tend to be more depressed and die at a younger age. So, not only should you go on girls trips to get away with your friends but wouldn’t it be great to live longer while doing it?



Hands down one of the best reasons to take a girls trip is, to get more people to take your dope photos. If you participate in the social media movement then taking lasting photos during your travels are important. The hassle of getting those Instagram worthy photos can become overwhelming when you are by yourself or with people who don’t know your good side or the best angles to capture your vision. Going on trips with your girls eliminates that stress by 100%.

With all of the stressors and responsibility that life brings a girl’s trips can be the epic, fun, emotional release that you need. Although everyone is busy and planning can be difficult, pick a time that is comfortable for everyone and JUST DO IT! After a successful trip, I guarantee the question on everyone’s mind will be, “When is the next girls trip?”

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4 thoughts on “10 Reasons You Should Take A Girls Trip

  1. I like girls trips. They’re really fun. I also like meeting new people so that’s one of the good things about them. There is usually at least 1 person I don’t know that well.

    1. I like the aspect of meeting new people, so I usually do pretty well on group trips. But you always run into that chance of possibly not clicking with everyone so even if I don’t take a group trip every year, my girls trip is on the to do list because I know I’ll have a good time with minimal problems.

  2. I need a girls trip so bad right now! All of the points you brought out were great ones! Some of the best trips I’ve ever taken have been girls trips! With your close friends you feel free to let loose and have a great time! No holds barred!

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