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Travel often can seem like an unattainable luxury that only the rich and famous have access to. With access to the Instagrammable photos of beautiful destinations, people want to travel more than ever! But travel is very much a hobby that anybody can enjoy. I myself used to be of the school of thought that travel was only possible once a year IF I could save up enough money to go. It wasn’t until I found ways to cut costs that lead me to travel to over 30+ countries in less than 8 years. Check out the 3 ways that I learned to travel on a budget.



The key to travel on a budget is to first be as flexible as possible. Yes, I know that we all have our dream trips that are on our travel bucket list, but while you are trying to save coins flexibility is key! When you make yourself flexible with your travel dates and, travel destinations you open your self up to saving money.

Travel sites like Momondo.com are great for giving you travel options that fit your budget. You can literally log on to their site, set your budget and they will give you a list of places that you can fly to while refraining from breaking the bank.


The need to travel opens up Pandora’s box of endless possibilities with the number of cities, states, and countries you can explore. Another key to successfully travel on a budget is to pick the right location. Picking destinations that have cheap accommodations low costs food options and cheap transportation can equal the “right location” for your budget-friendly travels.

Another way to lower costs and ensure that you have the right location to travel on a budget is finding destinations that you can enjoy without having to spend big bucks! For example, a walk on the beach or through an architecturally rich city can be totally free but give you travel memories to last for a lifetime.


Timing is king when it comes to planning travel on a budget. Although you may have scheduled times of the year that your kids are out of school or that your job normally gives vacation, it is important to know that the times of the year when fewer people are traveling are the cheapest times to take a trip. When planning travel, looking for destinations during the “off-season” can help to save you money. Try to avoid traveling at peak times to travel on a budget. International holidays such as Christmas, New Year’s Eve and, summer vacation will more than likely spike up the prices in flights and accommodation making budget travel difficult.


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