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With the constant ups and downs in life, we can sometimes hit a wall, that seems to never end. When we hit that wall it often wavers consistency at work, in your demeanor, or outside ventures. In those hard times, our humanistic nature wants to feel uplifted and validated. And although we sometimes look for that validation in friends and family, they aren’t always there to fill our cup. It is in those times that we must encourage and feed ourselves with the affirming words and energy that we desire. So, before, during, and after you reach that plateau that we all experience in our lives, use these daily affirmations to help you stay motivated.


Affirmations are positive phrases that you repeat to yourself throughout the day. Essentially, by repeating your chosen affirmation throughout the day, you are implanting it into your physique and in turn, you will manifest the phrase. I am a true believer of manifesting destiny and affirmations are a great way to manifest positivity into your life.


I believe that affirmations are a key factor in manifesting the life we want. Our minds are our most powerful tool and using it to program positive thoughts will only benefit your productivity, creativity, and consistency. Not only do affirmations feed your energy, but they also keep you accountable. By tasking yourself to say affirmations daily, you now are accountable for the tone you set for your day. Accountability is a big aspect of being consistent. And by starting small with saying affirmations, you are setting the groundwork to show up in other areas of your life.

Pick an affirmation that you feel you need to apply for the day. Say it loudly 3 times in the morning and keep it close to your heart throughout the day. Repeat it when times are good. Say it as many times as you need when the day isn’t at it’s best. Try it out and watch how you manifest your new destiny.


  1. I am not defined by my mistakes
  2. I am positive and I attract positivity 
  3. I am loving and forgiving
  4. I am able to see problems and produce solutions
  5. I am ready to succeed
  6. I am growing into the person that I can be proud of
  7. I am aware that I have control of my thoughts and actions
  8. I am prepared to take advantage of the day that is before me
  9. I am enough
  10. I am confident 
  11. I am comfortable being who I am, and when I’m not I am aware that I can revamp and try again
  12. I am self-aware enough to correct my mistakes
  13. I am able to forgive myself and set myself free
  14. I am able to put my needs first to be helpful to others second
  15. I am capable of being kind to myself
  16. I am a magnet for all things great in the world
  17. I am growing through every experience
  18. I am energized by my passion
  19. I am the author of my story
  20. I am equipped with the tools to succeed, and when my tools aren’t sufficient I am prepared to find new way


  1. My goals are attainable and my habits will help me get there
  2. I speak with confidence and assurance
  3. I organize my priorities
  4. I make the most out of new opportunities that are presented to me
  5. I am accomplishing more and more every day
  6. I create the life that I want
  7. I can make my dreams happen
  8. My success is inevitable
  9. My businesses will be a huge success
  10. Success, money, and joy come easily to me
  11. I am capable of creating work that will change lives
  12. I will tap into my potential more than ever today
  13. I have great ideas
  14. I am successful
  15. I am building a community of successful and powerful people who will shape the world
  16. I will attract mentors that will help me learn and grow
  17. I have unlimited potential and I will tap in them today
  18. I am reliable and resourceful
  19. I will never give up on my goals and dreams
  20. I am tackling problems that come my way and creating solutions that aid in my success


  1. I am grateful for my body and appreciate how it serves me
  2. I am living a healthy life and full of energy
  3. I will take time to focus on my health and well being
  4. I welcome positive and healthy practices into my life with open arms
  5. I choose positive thoughts that promote physical health and well-being
  6. I am motivated to help my body become the best it can be
  7. My body and mind are strong. And when they feel weak, I will work to strengthen them
  8. I feel clear in my mind, and when my mind is clouded I clear it with peaceful meditation
  9. My health is worth the time, pain, and sacrifice
  10. I am healthy and happy
  11. I deserve to feel healthy and happy
  12. I am committed to creating a healthy lifestyle
  13. I am healing internally and externally each day
  14. I can nourish my body with healthy food even when it is difficult
  15. I am sending healing energy through every organ and muscle in my body
  16. Today I will breathe in positivity and breathe out negativity
  17. I will pay attention and respond to what my body needs to make me strong and healthy
  18. I will replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts to improve my mental health
  19. I am patient with my mind and body
  20. I have a positive mindset about my mind and body


  1. I choose to stop apologizing for being me
  2. Today I will stop negative self-talk and replace it with uplifting thoughts of myself
  3. I love the person I am becoming. And when I feel negative about that person, I will redirect my actions and energy
  4. I believe in myself and my abilities
  5. I deserve all things that are good
  6. I accept myself unconditionally
  7. I am enough
  8. I am full of potential
  9. I deserve the best
  10. My flaws make me a better version of myself
  11. I deserve time to recharge
  12. I add value to the world
  13. I am a wonderful person inside and out
  14. I can do this
  15. I deserve respect and loyalty
  16. I choose to see positivity even why times are rough
  17. I will allow myself to put me first
  18. I am free of worry and I am at peace with who I am
  19. What I give is what I receive and I will give the love that is within me
  20. I accept my flaws and I am committed to turning them into what makes me great


  1. I am grateful to be alive
  2. I will lift someone’s spirit. And the positive reaction will bring gratefulness into my heart
  3. I am grateful to take the hiccups from today to make tomorrow better
  4. When I feel down I will remember times that bring me peace
  5. I will see that the universe is working for my good in every situation. For this outlook I am grateful
  6. I am grateful for growth
  7. I will give thanks for different blessings I have in my life throughout the day
  8. I am grateful for the ideas that I will let flourish today
  9. I’m grateful that I can turn every tough situation I face today into a positive
  10. I will put my best foot forward today. And if I can’t I will charge tomorrow with the task. And for that self-awareness, I am grateful
  11. I have more than enough
  12. I am grateful for my gifts however common or unique
  13. I forgive myself for any mistakes I make today
  14. I am grateful for who I am and what I have
  15. I will keep an attitude of gratitude today
  16. My gratitude is a prerequisite to my happiness
  17. I am grateful for what I have right now, I will not focus on what I lack
  18. My gratitude will help me fall in love with the life I have
  19. I will give gratitude to 3 people who have inspired me today
  20. I am grateful for memories that I can recall that make me laugh and smile  

I hope that this list of 100 affirmations helps you in your journey to stay consistent and motivated. Remember that affirmations alone can’t give you all of the results that you are looking for in your life, but they are a step to lead you in the right direction. Remember to say your daily affirmation out loud in the morning 3 times and follow it up by repeating them throughout the day. 

You are in charge of your future and I know that today, is the beginning of the best days of your life.


Until next time,

Take The World!



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