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I’m always looking for new and fun adventures in the UAE. I prefer to maximize my time living abroad as much as possible for as long as I’m here. Luckily, as the UAE continues to grow, so do the experiences you can find. This past weekend I was so excited to check our a new UNESCO world heritage site and camping grounds in Abu Dhabi. Keep reading to learn more about Jebel Hafit Desert Park.



Jebel Hafit is located in the city of Al Ain. The park is about a two-hour drive from the city of Abu Dhabi and an hour and 45-minute drive from Dubai. The Jebel Hafit Desert Park is uniquely placed at the foothills of the Oman and UAE border.You can easily access the desert park by driving any vehicle. Once you arrive you can check-in for lodging or activities at their Activity Hub and decide if your car is suitable for driving deeper into the park. In my preference, parking at the Activity Hub is best for compact cars as there is no paved road leading to the camping areas. But, they look out for their guest by providing 4X4 transfers to the campsites.

Note: If you are visiting and want to arrange transportation, contact Kabeer +971 50 683 6956 on Whatsapp. He is reliable and has a great driving company.


If you decide to stay overnight in the park you have many options. There are 4 different accommodations to choose from that range from 100AED-900AED a night ($27-$245).


• Plots only • Tents to be brought by guests (Public toilets). • Fire pit with stone seating. • Camping toolbox Check in 3:30 PM – Check out 2:30 PM












Shared toilets • Torch Light • Thermal Gloves • Rack • First Aid Kit • Foldable chairs • Foldable table • Cool bag • Fans • Room service • Natural light • Fire pit with stone seating • Camping Toolbox Check in 3:00 PM – Check out 1:00 PM







Includes shower and private bathroom – external Check in 2:00 PM – Check out 12:00 PM










• Includes shower and private bathroom.
• Telescope
• Firepit with stone seating


I really enjoyed this glamping experience. I really felt like I was in the lap of luxury while still getting the feels of being out in nature.

I was pleasantly surprised that the dome was so nice. It even included wifi and breakfast.





The park, although very inviting with their lodging selections, also offers some great activities for overnight guests or park visitors during the day. Jebel Hafit offers a variety of historical attractions that are available throughout the park. The activities range from adventure rides in guided buggies to brisk horseback or camel treks. You can even explore ancient tombs, hike and ride bikes.



I really enjoyed my time at Jebel Hafit Desert Park. Glamping in the bubble tent was a once in a lifetime experience that I was so excited to see first hand. I would definitely suggest anyone that has an interest in camping of some sort to try out the overnight stays at Jebel Hafit.

The only drawback that I found was that the reception can only be accessed by your personal phone. I wished that there was a landline in the event that something happened and I couldn’t use my own phone. I was also disappointed to find out that to start the campfire you have to bring your own firewood or pay 30AED($8.17). Luckily the groundskeepers were very accommodating and let us use the firewood for free. Just be prepared if you head out there and expect to use the campfire you may need some extra coins.

Overall I would suggest that you visit the campsite for a memorable experience.

If you want to book a stay at Jebel Hafit park you can check our the accommodations here.

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  1. This is definitely my kind of camping! No bugs or other unwanted guests is ok with me! Looks like you had the important essentials of home: shelter, private bathroom, fire and food, but were still in the outdoors! As usual, great information!

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