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3 Must Visit Cafes in Abu Dhabi

As a content creator, I am always looking for creative spaces to work on my brand. It’s always nice to find somewhere that has good vibes, internet, and a good food & beverage menu. I searched Abu Dhabi and found 3 of the best cafes for coffee lovers and creatives.

Unicorn Cafe

The Unicorn Cafe is located near downtown Abu Dhabi. I honestly wanted to visit this cafe because of it’s cute interior design. I saw it on a fellow UAE blogger’s IG page and thought I HAVE to get there. The cafe is really small and quaint. It’s big enough to have a nice afternoon catch up with your closest gal pals and at the same time, exclusive enough to have a coffee in a corner and catch up on some reading or work.

I can’t say how much I loved the decor inside. They have a beautiful flower wall to get some really cute pictures as well as a unicorn doll that you can get close and friendly with. To top it off there is a really cute wooden swing right at the entrance of the shop. (Can you say and IG lovers dream!!)

I would say that this cafe is more for getting your creative vibes going in the planning stages of your work rather than using them for time-sensitive assignments. Meaning, the internet wasn’t as friendly as the unicorn.

If you stop in I recommend trying their fully loaded unicorn toppings. You can add whipped cream and a cone to your hot drinks for extra taste and of course IG aesthetics.

Lastly, I loved spending time at Unicorn because of the awesome customer service. Now only did the waiter take some amazing pictures of me, (Thanks Gene!!) but he also offered to refill my parking meter so that I wouldn’t have to go outside. How sweet is that?

9 unicorns for the Unicorn Cafe.

Blink Cafe

I first visited Blink during a bloggers meet up and I instantly fell in love. From first appearances, I was taken away by the time-warping workspace. If you haven’t noticed, the interior is big for me in a work setting. I have to feel creative and comfortable and Blink definitely gave me those vibes.  On top of giving off creative workspace vibes, Blink also had some really good music playing. Usually, I push my headphones to my brain so that I can tune in to whatever sounds I need to get my work flowing but Blink kept a mix of upbeat yet calming work tunes playing in the background.

One of the reasons that I was drawn to visit following my bloggers’ meet up was that one of my friends had ordered a red velvet cappuccino. Now I’m not sure if your mouth watered as much as mine did when I imagined a piece of red velvet cake being melted down into a coffee-sized beverage but I had to have it. And as I’m sure you can imagine…it was slamming!

Another perk that cannot be overlooked about Blink is the convenience that they offer you. On my first visit, I stayed after my group to work and realized that I did not have a phone charger. Well, Blink said, “We got you girl” and rolled out an assortment of battery packs with different cables for a variety of devices. I fell in love all over again!and I almost forgot!! Blink also gave us a nice addition to its decor with a really cute swing nested inside of its lounge area.

I’ll give 10 blinks for Blink cafe.

Echo Cafe

Echo Cafe is last but definitely not least on my must-visit cafe list. Echo Cafe is tucked away in a residential neighborhood of Abu Dhabi but it’s definitely worth the drive. Echo gives you a pop of color from the time that you step in the door. It’s vibrant decor immediately wakes you up and drives you to produce something great.

I planned to only visit Echo to try out their coffee and finish a blog post. As soon as I entered I was greeted by the entire staff and immediately asked my order. I wanted to get some headway on my work before I got comfy with a coffee but I realized immediately that my computer was dead, and my charger was at home! (BIG SIGH!!) How Tia!? I was pleasantly surprised when the baristas saw me stressing over my missing charger and offered me one for customers.

After finishing some work I finally ordered my signature sugar with cappuccino. They made a really cute design in the coffee and even offered me my fave Lotus Biscoff cookies on the side.

I really liked the living room set up that the cafe had. You could lounge and catch up with friends or just curl up with a book to pass time.

I’ll Echo 8 out of 10 times how much I enjoyed this cafe.

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