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Distant Love Abroad

Distant Love Abroad

“Distance gives us a reason to love harder.”

What would you do if the person you choose to share the most intimate parts of your life with lived thousands of miles away? How would you cope? Could you handle it? Read along as the following featurette shares her perspective, difficulties, and enjoyments of being involved in a long distant relationship abroad.



Ashley is currently a middle school math teacher living in Abu Dhabi. She has been teaching for 6 years. As a graduate of the University of South Carolina, she began her teaching career as a first-grade teacher for four years in South Carolina. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling to new and exciting countries, spending time with friends, doing hair and her favorite pastime: cooking. Currently, Ashley is developing a 90s retro brand that will be released soon this summer!
Now that we have gotten to know Miss Ashley a bit let’s get to the good stuff!!

How long have you been in the UAE?

I’ve been in the UAE almost two years.

What was your relationship status when moving to the UAE?

Before moving to the UAE, I was single.

What were your desires, anticipations and wants about relationships, dating or otherwise when moving to the UAE?

Due to the fact that I had no idea about the types of men that I would encounter here, I was hesitant about the idea of dating abroad.

Since moving to the UAE have you dated?

Yes, I have had a few dates here in the UAE.

How is dating in the UAE?

Dating in the UAE is a hit or miss. I’ve encountered some great guys and then some that I could’ve done without. I think the idea of this being a transient place for most people plays a part into how people date here. Some are ready to settle down and others are just looking for something more casual to pass the time.

What was your experience living abroad as a single woman? Do you feel lonely? Are there things to do to occupy your time? Is it easy?

Overall, I think being single abroad is an adjustment. Having to understand your surroundings, cultural norms, and finding your niche can be difficult but once those things are settled upon it can be beneficial. At times, I did feel lonely but there are things to occupy time. Going on dates, hanging out with friends, and traveling definitely helped with that.

Do you find that the pool of accessible mean is big or small?

I find the pool of men here to be small for me due to social norms, religion, and the lack of available African American men.

What are the difficulties in dating abroad?

Because the dating pool is so small, it has been quite difficult to find someone who I haven’t crossed paths with or someone who isn’t just wanting to casually date.

ash 4.JPGWhat is your relationship status now?

Currently, I am in a long distance relationship.

How is it being in a long distance relationship?

Personally, I enjoy it 80% of the time due to my need for my personal time and space from other people. At times, it has become hard having to justify being in a long distance relationship. Because we are so far apart, our communication has improved. On the flip side, LDR has caused me to miss certain celebrations and just spending time with someone.

How did you find long distance love?

I was actually on a trip to Mexico and we met. I wasn’t thinking that it would turn into anything but he was very understanding of me moving back to Abu Dhabi and still pursued me. 1 year later, here we are.

What are your relationship goals? How do they or do they not align with your goals of living abroad?

My overall goal is to get married and start a family. Being abroad has allowed me to save financially, grow mentally and just become more understanding; each of these are things I feel contribute to my overall goal.

Awww Ashley such a beautiful story and journey. Thank you so much Ashley for sharing your truth with us. Peace, love, and good vibes with you and yours on your journey!

To my readers,
Much love, peace, and blessings to you

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