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Single and Abroad

“Being with no one is better than being with the wrong one. Sometimes, those who fly solo have the strongest wings.”

This featurette hails from the southern state of Goe-jah Georgia for those who want to be grammatically correct. (Don’t expect that too much from this blog lol). Miss Jay Renee!!


Jina Meadows
Atlanta Native
Free spirited introvert
There’s so much more to me than a quick bio. Langston Hughes said it best and I live by this, “My goal in life as I live and learn is to dig and be dug in return.”


Well ok girl I can dig it!! Now let’s get to digging a little deeper. Tell us more!

How long have you been living abroad?

I have been living in the UAE for 3 years

What was your relationship status when moving to the UAE?

Single, honey. le sigh

What were your desires, anticipations and wants about relationships, dating or otherwise when moving abroad?

I did not move to the UAE to date or find love. There is nothing wrong with people coming here to do that, it just wasn’t my motivation for uprooting my life and moving abroad. I heard stories and warnings before I came here so I am a bit more guarded, and while being here I’ve seen peers go through so much all in the name of love. The yearning for connectedness is strong and easily manipulated here. I can’t be involved so I just keep to myself.  I’m vibrating and elevating, but I will step out of a meditation and get right on wit ya.

Since moving to the UAE have you dated?

I went on one date. He’s a cool guy but there just wasn’t a romantic connection.

What is your experience dating in the UAE?

There are horror stories and there are success stories. I wish there were more success stories, but let’s just get down to the basics (I don’t like to mince words on most occasions). There are men here who are predators. These types of men come here and reinvent themselves (can I talk plain?) Huney they were lame in the states and now they are popping in the Emirates because of the small dating pool. Do you, there is nothing wrong with evolving, but when you do it at the expense of other people’s feelings that makes you a LAHWHOOOOZER, a loser. Dating in the UAE is what you make it. I’m over the moon for those who make it work and I hurt for the ones who experience heartbreak so far away from home.

2017-05-24-PHOTO-00000262Do you find that the pool of accessible man is big or small abroad?

I find that it is small for myself. I have probably limited myself in some situations, but to be honest…..huney I’m just out here trying to get my chakras together, keep my energy positive, and vibrate higher.

What are the difficulties in dating abroad?

Trusting the connection is a concern of mine. Living abroad causes you to make connections you ordinarily wouldn’t. It’s a matter of survival. We all need each other but some of us wouldn’t have connected with one another in the states. A question that’s always in my head is, “what does this relationship look like in the states?” We live in a bubble here and that can impact the way we date or don’t date. I’ve toyed with the idea of dating outside of my nationality and/or race, but my concern there is possibly being a fetish to someone who wants to date a black woman from the states. “You know, like the kind on real housewives.” (from an actual man who used that as a reason to want to date an American black woman.)

What is your relationship status now?

Huney I’m out here Colin Kaepernick-ing, free agent.

What is it like being single abroad? Do you feel lonely? Are there things to do to occupy your time? Is it easy?

Being single and living abroad isn’t as bad for me. I’m ok with my singleness (took me a long time to not let it define me). I love to read, write, collect race medals, have unique experiences, and travel. And true tea, if you see me traveling the world it’s either a break or at some point I was in my feelings. I catch feelings AND THEN catch flights.

jina1What are your relationship goals? How do they or do they not align with your goals of living abroad?

My relationship goals are to meet and be with my life partner. I’ve spent so much time manifesting soulmates only to realize that God kept sending me exactly that. I’ve gleaned so much from each one, that’s their purpose. Soulmates hold that mirror up to you and show you things about yourself. They are a catalyst for change in yourself. It’s passionate and fiery. It can be consuming at times. When the lesson is learned they go. Now that I know the difference between soulmate and life partner I try to manifest the latter. It does get lonely at times but that comes with the territory of waiting for something good. I don’t want to be in a relationship just to say I’m in one. Anything worth having takes time so I wait. I don’t use my wait time foolhardily. I’m making sure I’m evolving into the best Jina I can be spiritually, mentally, physically, emotionally, and financially.  That doesn’t mean that I don’t get into shouting matches with God like, “Really? This what we doing now? Come on, G.”
My relationship goals don’t align with my living abroad goals because I’m just out here seeing where life takes me. I don’t have an agenda and I’m ok with that. I don’t want to box myself in and miss out on my blessing huney! I’m open to anyone but I’m closed to tomfoolery.
Ohhh Jinnaahh!!! You never let me down with the hot tea and laughs. Thank you so much for giving us the raw and real. I appreciate and love the journey that you are taking and I wish you much success, peace, and happiness in whatever endeavors you find. Now keep digging girl!
To my readers,
Much love, peace, and blessings to you

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