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Vacations have become a right of passage. A need after days in and out of scheduled work and life. Something that most humans in the workforce come to love and yearn after a long and sometimes stressful stint of working. But who said vacations had to take place away from home. Who is the guy that made the rule that you have to go afar to relax and enjoy time off. I don’t mean to sound ridiculous but I don’t know this man. And if you do, you can tell him that I said “Jokes on you! You’re WRONG!” Vacations should be all about taking time to relax and unwind. If you are looking to do that on a budget, without taking lots of time to travel keep reading to learn why a stay is a great idea.


According to urban dictionary, one of my favorite language resources, staycays are vacations spent near or at someone’s home. Simple right? I’d personally like to define a staycay as a vacation near home but AWAY from your house for the purpose of relaxation and regrouping. I just think that the hustle and bustle of life comes home every day with you and the best way to get away from that is to…well…get away from it. You don’t have to be extravagant or super over the top but just taking time to get away is important.



I love a staycay because of the closeness to home. I hate traveling to far off places and having the gut feeling that I forgot something or that someone may need me at the drop of a dime. When you do staycays you are so close that if anything goes wrong you are close to home. Now don’t get me wrong, staycays are meant to get away from the craziness of life if at all possible, but isn’t it a nice feeling to know that if something goes awry you can just hop in the car/taxi/uber and BOOM you are home.

Aside from being at someones beck and call, staycays are great because you don’t have to pay for flights, crazy transportations, mandatory documents and that is easy on the pockets. And I love going easy on my coins and pockets.

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Obviously I’m a coin saver. Can’t you tell? This is why staycays are quickly moving up on my “FAVORITE TYPES OF TRAVEL” list. When you decide to staycay, you give such relief to your bank account. You save money on transportation, itineraries, and daily expenses that you would normally have to budget for when taking trips out of town.

One of the best ways that I have found to save money the most when planning a stay is by using apps like Groupon, hotelstonight and Airbnb to get discounted rates. I also love, love, love using affiliate links to save myself and others money. If you fancy that type of thing, you can visit here for some discounts on hotels and different stays.

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Since staycays are usually created with the mindset of using minimal time, the planning of it all is usually minimal to partially no planning at all. The only thing that you really have to do for a staycay is, find a room and….stay! When I do a staycay I usually opt for the inclusive breakfast (lunch and dinner if offered). I sometimes even pack up my favorite snacks so that all I have to do is binge watch tv, kick it around the pool or catch up on some reading. It’s really that simple. Granted, if you are doing a staycay to get away from family or just being reached by folks and you want to explore, I would suggest looking on Groupon for your city and finding activities that you find fun and exciting. They have so many promotions. I promise that you will find one that you will enjoy for your staycay.



I think I’ve pretty much driven home the point that staycays are a great idea. But in the event that they just aren’t for you or you know someone that is in need of one, staycays are awesome gift ideas. There are various ways to say “I think you are great.” But, why not throw a little something on the end by adding, ” You deserve a getaway”? Who wouldn’t love that? I know I would! (Hint, Hint for anyone shoping for me😉).


Staycays are just a great way to rest without the hassle of extensive travel. You need that time to yourself and don’t let anyone tell you differently. Take some time to look into nice hotels in your area or surrounding cities and enjoy that vacay at home.

Drop some comments on the reasons you love staycays and some of your best staycays.

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