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There are so many classic catchphrases that you hear in the black community like:

“Black people don’t swim”⁣
“Black people don’t do hostels”⁣
“Black people don’t ski”⁣
“Black people don’t try new foods”⁣
“Black people don’t camp”⁣
“Black people don’t surf”⁣
“Black people don’t hike”⁣
“Black people don’t backpack” ⁣
“Black people don’t do ghost”⁣

And the list goes on and on. All of these phrases can be funny and sometimes feel completely true but are FALSE!! Let’s be honest, WE CAN DO IT ALL!!
I used to be one of those people who let the misconceptions among my community scare me into not trying new things. And honestly, I missed out on a lot of fun and cool adventures holding back. But once I saw that we actually DO IT, and WELL. I wanted to try it for myself.

Check out these amazing magical beings that defy the odds and debunk stereotypes by doing what they(and we) said they couldn’t.


Alice is a British swimmer who has competed in the 2019 World Aquatics Championships and literally crushes in the sport. She is the only black swimmer on the British team and the second to evert compete for Great Britain. She has said in interviews that her dad is white and her mom is black and that the latter is the only one that can swim. Her mission is actually to squash the long-standing myth that black people can’t swim.


With travel being on the uprise and people trying to save coins to do it, this myth has never been more FALSE! Not only are black people exploring new ways to save money by trying different accommodations but this queen has broken the mold by being the first person to open a black-owned hostel business. Sis is defying odds and diversifying the market.


This phrase is accompanied by another oldie but goodie, “Black people don’t do cold weather.” FALSE!! One of my favorite travel bloggers and curvy girl enthusiast kills the myth alongside her traveling hubby by showing that we can and will do it annnnd add some style while we are at it! You can find loads of black skiers, professional and leisure by following the hashtag #blackpeopleski.


This is one of the most absurd of all misconceptions that I have ever heard. Now although black people have a deep-rooted history of delicious recipes and food traditions I can’t believe that we have been summed up to only like certain things. Jonelle, along with many other #blackfoodies and #blacktravelbloggers debunk this silly legend by sharing the amazing ways that food can change your life and food preference.



Now, although outdoor adventures aren’t at the top of my list when I’m itemizing my travel adventures I definitely don’t mind sprinkling my itinerary with activities that will help me connect with nature. And Furo is no different. Here you can see that you don’t have to be a major outdoors fan to try something new. This photo along with a lot of content that you can find from accounts like @melaninbasecamp and many more show that you don’t have to sleep in a tent every night to enjoy the beauty of nature.


One of the worlds that black people have yet to saturate but are slowly leaking into is the world of surfing. Nique, thanks to social media, has been able to shine her talents on a wet board and in our hearts. Dominique is ranked among the top 10 competitive stand up paddle surfers in the Association of Paddlesurf Professionals. In 2018 she ranked #5 in the world. Did yall read that, IN THE WORLD!! She also broke other barriers as a cross country athlete and an all-state lacrosse player. I mean, what can’t you do sis? Nothing, the answer is NOTHING!



This outdoor god Brandon Belcher crumbles the misconception that black people don’t hike or climb. His Instagram is covered with myth busting proof that we can defy the odds. Brandon dedicates his social media to “showing you that there’s a better side to life.” I used to think I could climb. You know in the backyard tackling trees with my cousins. But Brandon seriously makes me want to go out and explore a different side of adventure. I see you king!



Chelsea shows us all that not only can black people backpack through the world but you can do it with kids! Now I can’t be the only checked bag shawty in the world so putting all of the things I need in a bag and taking off is one thing, but throwing little ones in the mix would be an insane adventure. But Chelsea does an amazing job of showing us that it can be done and you can have fun while doing it.


I’ve seen this girl somewhere before 🤔. Oh wait, that’s me! I’ve always been a scaredy-cat. Like scared of thunder, lightning, loud noises, Freddy Krueger. ALL OF THAT! But when I heard about this ghost town right down the street from me I couldn’t pass it up. I prayed before I went and took the journey. If I’m going to live this life, I’m going to live it the bestest most funnest way I can. And that means quashing all of the barriers people place in front of me and in my head.


All of these dope men and women of color have set the stage for those who don’t yet know that the limit is limitless. I see you and I thank you for once again showing the WE CAN and WE DO!! You are amazing!

Drop some comments about adventures that you have taken that people said you couldn’t. Or leave the names of some of your favorite people who have. Share this article with your friends that need some motivation. Show them that what, WE CAN and WE DO!

And until next time,



  1. I could name several that I’ve done (including a few from your list), but the most recent being that black women don’t solo travel. Social media is helping to change that idea thank goodness. I’m always doing something by myself including traveling. People thought it was weird that I went to a Caribbean island by myself. I realized that they were too afraid or couldn’t wrap their mind around being solo so they projected on me. People found out when I got back and said things like, you’re better than me” or “you’re real brave” classic phrases when people don’t understand your choices. I got lots of positive feed back as well.

    1. It’s a tough and sad reality for sure. I hate the stigma but I’m soooo happy God gave me an open mind AND that the universe allowed me to meet people like you who are just as open and willing to explore this big yet small world. It’s an amazing experience.

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