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Among my long list of travel goals, driving to another country was sitting on the list collecting dust. A few weeks ago I thought, “Hmm, why not check one more thing off of my list before the year is over?” So, I packed my bags and my boyfriend up and headed to the UAE’s neighboring country Oman. Keep on scrolling for road trip tips from the UAE to Oman.


Just like travel to any other country by plane, train or automobile, travel to another country will require you to have certain documents to gain entry. Obviously, you need your passport. So pack it up and have it handy. Next, you will need to have your ID. Now, we didn’t have to have our ID a lot while traveling to Oman but we did have to present it at at least 3 border stops to gain access. Either your Emirates ID or any other legal ID to accompany your passport will do. (Travis lost his Emirates ID and used his US license).

If you are renting or own a car from the UAE you a required to have insurance that covers you in Oman. And they WILL ask for your insurance documents in order to issue your visa (so don’t skip this step). Speaking of visas, you are required to apply for one once you enter into the Sultanate. Visa’s are 50AED, 5OMR, or 13USD and depending on the time of day and the number of applicants you are applying for, it could take up to an hour of waiting so be prepared.


Driving an extended distance in a vehicle is always cause for a car check-up. But it’s especially important to do before crossing a border. You never wanna be that guy/girl stuck on the side of the road because you forgot to check your oil or make sure your tires had enough air. But you definitely don’t want to be that person stuck in another country. Even if you check your car, be sure to also check with your insurance to see what they cover in another country.


Outside of the main cost of renting a car, getting Omani insurance, and filling your car with gas you should prepare yourself for the miscellaneous cost.

To begin, there is an exit fee that you must pay to leave the UAE which costs about 35AED per person (approximately 10dollars).

Next, you will have to pay the cost of a tourist visa which is 50AED (5OMR or 13USD) this covers a 1 10 day visa. You can pay 200AED for a 30-day visa.


There are a few ways to access the Oman border from the UAE but you have to know which you are allowed to cross based on your car type.

Fujairah – Khatmat Port – This was the easiest border for us to reach driving from Sharjah -but unfortunately if you drive a rental car you cannot pass through.

Wadi Hatta – this border is about 1hr and 20 minutes away from the Fujairah border and about a 1hr and 30 minutes away from downtown Dubai.
Kathm al Shukhla, Al Ain – this route is said to be an easier more quiet drive for cars.  This border has been said is less stressful to cross.
Meyzad – Hafeet, Al Ain –  is the closest crossing for residence in Abu Dhabi.


Due to the fact that I’ve never driven across a border, I had no idea what to expect. Apparently, I should have been prepared for several stops, multiple official interactions and I should’ve packed a handful of patience.

Exiting the UAE (3 stops)

The first stop requires a vehicle check. The officers count how many people are in your car and ask that you open the trunk for searching. The officers then give you a slip to take to the next stop.

The next stop is where you pay your exit fee. You stop at two windows. The first to hand over your passport and the second to actually pay the fee. Keep all of your small papers and tickets with you just in case. (You never know)

The last stop just requires you to give one of the many papers you just received back to the officer.


This stop will require you to hand over your passport. I assume the officers are checking for visas which you can pay for ahead of time at Omani Visa

If you don’t have a visa already, you have to park your car and apply inside of the immigration office. The timings for how long this will take varies.

After receiving your visa you make one more stop to immigration officers to check that you have the correct documents and you are FINALLY free to go and enjoy yourself.


Overall, a road trip from the UAE to Oman is a unique experience that should be done at least once if you are in the UAE for an extended amount of time.

I would suggest if you take the trip to be sure that you are well prepared with documents, transportation and plenty of tolerance.

It’s a once in a lifetime thing for me. Next time, catch me on a flight! Let me know how your international road trip goes. And leave me some comments about your international road trip tips.


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  1. Thanks. Great tips. Totally agree with your comments about patience. Always good to pack a lot of that. Heading across tomorrow and will be sure to keep everything handy.

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