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As an expat whose summer plans are usually to catch a flight home and possibly sneak in a mini-vacay while I’m at it. This year, summer just hits differently. Many people, like myself, have found that the current state of the world has altered what summer usually looks like. Vacations have been postponed or canceled. Normal summer activities are a thing of the past. And the question that is circulating quite frequently is, “What do we do now?” Check out the 13 ways to spend a summer without flights.


Prior to COVID-19 staycays had become one of my favorite ways to travel in between vacations. The convenience of booking a trip without venturing too far from home was a plus in the middle of a school year. Staycays are proving to be a great way to get out of the house and still get your vacation fix during the pandemic. Most hotels are going above and beyond their normal procedures to welcome guests, making the experience safer. If your plans have been altered and it is looking like you will be having a summer without flights, you should consider booking a staycay with accommodations that are responsibly following social distancing requirements.


My must-haves during my travels have always been to have an A.C.T experience. Adventure, culture, and turn up!! Most of my adventures happen in the great outdoors, so it’s only fitting that if I can’t take a trip to one of my bucket list locations that I bring the A.C.T experience to myself. Taking nature walks not only boosts your immune system (greater chances of fighting off COVID) but they are an awesome way to get to know more about your surroundings. Search the internet about a specific COVID safe area and walk around. Get to know the trees, history, and landscape. It will be an adventure that costs you less (no flights) and puts gives you perspective about your community.


Camping is another wonderful way to explore nature and get to know your own backyard. And the best part about camping is that there are several ways to do it. Whether your family wants to rent an RV and head up to a campsite, pitch a tent in your yard, or throw up some blankets to make a fort in your living room, camping is possible for everyone.


DIY has been a wave in many households. Creating memories or new aesthetics around the house has been a great way to pass the time. While you experience a summer with no flights, this may be a great time to create something great. Think about making something useful for your next trip or a memory from your past trips. Create a travel-themed picture or decorate your suitcases for your next vacation. DIY is all up to that creative genius in you. Use your lust for wander to build something amazing!


Traveling for some people is all about relaxing and unplugging from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. If this is how you normally vacation, a self-care day is a perfect way to curb the disappointment of not catching flights. Take a day, or two, or a week and pamper yourself. Exfoliate your face, massage your feet, DO NOTHING!! Self-care is all about rejuvenating yourself. And let’s keep it real, self-care on vacations are nice but what about relaxing in the comforts of your own home. We ask for that every Monday when we clock into work. Now is your time to make it happen!


Road trips are a great way to safely travel without being confined to a flight, coming in contact with various people in the airport, and risking catching or spreading the virus. If your state, province, or district doesn’t have a stay home order plan a road trip to a place where COVID cases are low. Find a location that allows you to enjoy the scenery along the route and eat great food! I would also suggest road tripping to places that have activities available that are adhering to social distancing rules. For example, museums, outdoor activities, and historical sites.


While a summer with no flights may seem like a bummer, you can always take a trip through your taste buds. Never underestimate how the power of food can take you any place around the world. Write out 10 of your favorite places around the world and each week travel there through your culinary skills. The University of Youtube and the Jr. College of TIKTOK has so many tutorials that can help you travel through your recipes. So, start creating!


Aside from enjoying staycays, I have often fed my need to travel by watching shows or movies that take my wanderlust to the next level. If your summer is without flights, consider traveling through cinematic works that will feed your travel needs until your next trip.

Here are a few movies that you can start with: Bucketlist, Eat Pray Love, The Beach

Here are a few TV shows that you can start with: Phil Good Travel, KelleeSetGo!



I know, I know, learning a new language is a lot easier said than done but imagine how great it will be to use your newly learned skill when you travel next. With so much time on our hands and a whole summer without flights, why not tap into that left frontal lobe and learn to communicate in a new way? Apps like Rosetta Stone, Doulingo, and Babbel give you the experience to make learning new languages easy. Take some of your COVID summer to learn something new.


This is easy, right? Because we are already doing it! Now is the time to plan where you will travel to next. Use all the tips above to wander and then build your next trip off of the results. Not only can you use this time to budget your future travels but now is a great time to learn more about where you want to explore. Make a bucket list of the top 5 places you want to go after the quarantine is fully lifted and watch how your mind, Google, and your need to travel will take you all over the world, right from the comforts of your home.


This summer may be different but it doesn’t have to be difficult. Travel doesn’t stop just because plans have. You can dig into your creative side and travel anywhere you’d like with a little help. If you plan to have a summer without flights, comment below what you plan to do and how. I would love to share ideas.


Until next time,

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