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Tia Takes the All White Party!

“Tia Takes” is all about the adventures I take after the work day is finished. I feel that a lot of times there is a stigma with living in the Middle East and I want to dispel those feelings or thoughts by sharing my super, wonderful and exciting experiences.
This episode of Tia Takes lands us in Abu Dhabi at one of the hottest spring parties: JS Entertainments “White Out” event.

This year was the 3rd annual White Out event hosted by Abu Dhabi party promoter James Simmons. I attended the “White Out” event for the second year in a row and I was highly impressed. The event was hosted at The Venue in Yas Marina. I had never been to this place before but from the photos I saw previously it seemed as though it would be a good time. The tickets for this event were 100 AED (approximately 27 USD) which came with a free welcome drink. Per usual all of the people in attendance were dressed to impress. The dress code was strictly enforced: Classy white! No shorts or flip flops SIMPLE! And booooyy were the people dressed for the party! I love, love, love a themed event and this one did it for me. The men looked so handsome in their tailor-made suits, linen fits, and dressy white attire. The women slayed from head to toe with unique headpieces, beautiful dresses, gowns, jumpsuits, and rompers. If you felt you were at the end of your rope for the week this party would have given you all the life you needed. From the time I walked in the door the music was on POINT!! I mean women were popping the men were dropping it was definitely a site to see. The event featured 3 guest dj’s from all over the world including DJ SLIM, DJ ALLAD and DJ LOSO!

The party was heavily populated by expats living in the UAE and the surrounding GCC countries. It is definitely an event I will continue to attend as long as I’m in Abu Dhabi.
JS Entertainments founder James Simmons host a plethora of events throughout the year appealing to a wide variety of interest. His events include but aren’t limited to Paint & Sips, Friday nightlife experiences, themed events and much more. I have had the privilege of getting to know James Simmons as we both are PE teachers. James was one of the few people who helped me get acclimated to the way of living here in Abu Dhabi before I moved and during my transition. He was gracious enough to let me interview him for this installment of “Tia Takes”. I think that he is an awesome person and without his entertainment group, I would not have been able to experience Abu Dhabi the way that I have thus far. So keep scrolling and reading to find out more from the face of JS Entertainment, James Simmons.

How did you come up with JS Entertainment?
JS Entertainment was created 3 years ago (April 2014) to bring themed events to Western expats in the UAE.   It initially started as an end of the school year event. The event was so successful that I decided to continue promoting events. 

What made you create the White Out?
Doing a White Out party never really crossed my mind. A friend of mine was working at Emirates Palace and he introduced me to the owner of club Etoiles. The owner called me and asked me to meet with him.  He wanted me to come up with a weekly concept to fill his slow nights at his club. We met inside Etoiles and as soon as I walked in and saw the large glass windows, all white furniture, and a stainless steel bar, it just hit me…..this would be an amazing venue to have an all white day party. The rest is history!

How many White Parties have you hosted?
This past Friday (April 28th, 2017) was our 3rd annual White Out Day Party and we have seen this event grow so much over the past three years.
What is the most exciting part of hosting the white party? 
I would say for me the most exciting part is to see the build up of excitement leading up to the event within the expat community.   No matter what time of year people will always have questions or comments about the white party. It makes me feel proud that I could host an event that for one night we can bring so many expats together, dress nice, and have a great time.

What is a difficult aspect of hosting any party? 
Trying to keep 100% of your guests happy all the time. You know that it will never happen but you strive to get as close as possible and you hope your guests can see your effort to make their experience an amazing one.
What can we expect from JS Entertainment in the near future? 
You can expect some new and exciting themed events coming soon!
What else would you like us to know about JS Entertainment?
JS Entertainment is always looking for innovative ways to be creative and carry out a great theme to leave our guests with a memorable experience. Over our 3 years of existence, we hope that we have provided lasting memories to expats and others that have attended our events. Moving forward we look to try new ideas and themes to push the envelope of creativity and bring our guest a unique experience.

I just want to end this post by offering a special thank you to James Simmons. Thank you for creating wonderful experiences for myself and others here in Abu Dhabi. I wish you the best success in all of your endeavors and I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us next!
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