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Welcome, all to my new revamped blog page! I have been MIA from the blog scene for a while but I’M BACK! This post is a quick rundown of how I came to TAKE THE WORLD. Get ready and ALLOW ME TO REINTRODUCE MYSELF!


My name is Tia. I’m a physical education and health teacher who decided to uproot my entire life and move abroad. And this journey has proven to be one of the best decisions I have ever made in life. I am from a super small town but I big dreams of traveling the world. I want to create content that will inspire someone else to take the world. Or see the world from my point of view.



My first venture abroad started in 2013 where I completed my student teaching in Ansbach, Germany with the Department of Defense. While teaching abroad I must have been bitten by the travel bug because I came down with a serious case of LET’S GO TRAVEL THE FREAKIN’ WORLD GIRL!! Germany was such an amazing experience! Subsequently, after completing my student teaching I didn’t think I would ever get that high again. BUT, an opportunity came knocking on my door 2 years later and I couldn’t pass it up. Literally, within 8 weeks I applied for the job and waited on papers to be shipped off.


I reached Abu Dhabi in August of 2015 and I have been enjoying this ride since the moment I got off of the plane. Now don’t get me wrong, before the big move I WAS SCARED! Like almost didn’t come scared but I’m adventurous and I knew how it felt when I lived abroad previously and I just had to find out if that high still existed. So I packed my bags knowing only 3 people that I had never even met in person and told my family “I’ll see you later!”

Being my mother’s child, I inherited her wonderful gift of gab and her unique ability to “never meet a stranger,” so it was no surprise to any of us when after only traveling 1 leg of the trip I had linked up with a group of individuals. All of them were from around my area and headed to the UAE to teach. Ain’t God good!? My generational blessing furthermore, helped me to meet a few other teachers who were traveling not even 3 days into landing in Abu Dhabi. From then on we all stuck together like glue to create a framily bond that has helped us all make it through these first 2 years.



These 2 years have been a definite transition. Nothing like I had expected. Before I came I had joined many groups about living abroad and more specifically living in the UAE and nothing I read equated to what is the reality of living here. Prior to moving, I was told that I shouldn’t come because the middle east is dangerous. It’s a war zone. It’s very conservative. BLAH BLAH BLAH!! Living here I have experienced nothing of the sort. Now don’t get me wrong, Abu Dhabi & Dubai is nothing like living in North Carolina….NOT BY A LONG SHOT! But it isn’t too far from it…In all the best ways. And here are a couple of those ways:
1st) I was under the impression that I needed to wear long-sleeved shirts, pants and cover my face when in public….NEGATIVE
2nd) I was told that I would be lonely in the desert…far away from civilization, unable to use a phone and the craziest of notions…I would be in a war zone. (Rolls eyes) THIS IS ONE OF THE SAFEST PLACES IN THE WORLD!
3rd) I was given strict advice to get the partying and fun I like to have out of my system before moving because it would be none of that here. LIES AND CHICANERY! I literally probably have done more here in these past 2 years than I ever did in my 25 years of living in North Carolina. This place is super LITTTT!!!
As you can probably conclude my transition here wasn’t hard at all. And I don’t take that for granted.
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So here I am,  finishing up my 2nd year out here in the desert and I have absolutely no desire to leave WHATSOEVER! I love it here! The weather is always nice (hot as heck sometimes but nice), there is ALWAYS something to do. Beaches surround you. The customer service is always top-notch. Tax-free salary and rent-free living!! What more could I ask for?
I am currently looking to do whatever is required of me to extend my stay here because I just can’t imagine going back voluntarily.
I really look forward to my future abroad and I hope that you continue to take this journey with me. In the next coming months, you can follow me as I chronicle my last month of work, Ramadan, traveling, visiting the states for summer break and all the fun and crazy things I get into.
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Until next time,




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