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Welcome all to my new revamped blog page! I have been MIA from the blog scene for a while but I’M BACK! If you are new to the page please feel free to roam past post which are from my old blog page or you can start from this post which is just a brief intro and run down! ENJOY!
So, my name is Tia. I’m a physical education and health teacher who decided to uproot my whole entire life and move abroad to teach and it has proven to be one of the best decisions I have ever made in life. I am from a super small town but I have super duper big dreams of traveling the world, having fun and creating and giving off nothing but good vibes.
Without detailing too much(you can find in a separate post) I just want to briefly explain where I am and how I got here.
I first traveled abroad with teaching in 2013 to complete my student teaching. I was stationed in Ansbach, Germany with the Department of Defense. While I was there I must have been bitten or stung because I came down with a serious case of LET’S GO TRAVEL THE FREAKIN’ WORLD GIRL!! Germany was such an amazing experience and when I completed my student teaching I didn’t think I would ever get that high again BUT an opportunity came knocking and I opened the door. Literally, within 8 weeks I had applied for a job teaching in the middle east, got an interview, signed a contract, ended my employment, packed up my apartment, moved back in with my parents and impatiently waited to be shipped off to the unknown.
I reached Abu Dhabi in August of 2015 and I have been enjoying this ride since the moment I got off of the plane. Now don’t get me wrong, before the big move I WAS SCARED! Like almost didn’t come scared but I’m adventurous and I knew how it felt when I lived abroad previously and I just had to find out if that high still existed. So I packed my bags knowing only 3 people that I had never even met in person and told my family “I’ll see you later!”
Now me being my mother’s child I inherited her wonderful gift of gab and her unique ability to “never meet a stranger” so it was no surprise to any of us when only after traveling 1 leg of the trip I had linked up with a group of individuals who were from around my area and headed to the UAE for the same reasons as me. And thank God I caught up with them when I did because I surely would have been lost lol. My generational blessing furthermore helped me to meet a few extra teachers who were traveling not even 3 days into landing in Abu Dhabi. From then on we all stuck together like glue to create a framily bond that has helped us all make it through these first 2 years.
These 2 years have been a definite transition. Nothing like I had expected. Before I came I had joined many groups about living abroad and more specifically living in the UAE and nothing I read equated to what is the reality of living here. Prior to moving, I was told that I shouldn’t come because the middle east is dangerous. It’s a war zone. It’s very conservative. BLAH BLAH BLAH!! Living here I have experienced nothing of the sort. Now don’t get me wrong, Abu Dhabi & Dubai is nothing like living in North Carolina….NOT BY A LONG SHOT! But it isn’t too far from it…In all the best ways. And here are a couple of those ways:
1st) I was under the impression that I needed to wear long-sleeved shirts, pants and cover my face when in public….NEGATIVE
2nd) I was told that I would be lonely in the desert…far away from civilization, unable to use a phone and the craziest of notions…I would be in a war zone. (Rolls eyes) THIS IS ONE OF THE SAFEST PLACES IN THE WORLD!
3rd) I was given strict advice to get the partying and fun I like to have out of my system before moving because it would be none of that here. LIES AND CHICANERY! I literally probably have done more here in these past 2 years than I ever did in my 25 years of living in North Carolina. This place is super LITTTT!!!
As you can probably conclude my transition here wasn’t hard at all. And I don’t take that for granted.
IMG_4549 copy.jpeg
So here I am,  finishing up my 2nd year out here in the desert and I have absolutely no desire to leave WHATSOEVER! I love it here! The weather is always nice (hot as heck sometimes but nice), there is ALWAYS something to do. Beaches surround you. The customer service is always top notch. Tax-free salary and rent free living!! What more could I ask for?
I am currently looking to do whatever is required of me to extend my stay here because I just can’t imagine going back voluntarily.
I really look forward to my future abroad and I hope that you continue to take this journey with me. In the next coming months, you can follow me as I chronicle my last month of work, Ramadan, traveling, visiting the states for summer break and all the fun and crazy things I get into.
IMG_1144 copy.jpg
I hope you enjoy!
Take flights, save right and live your best you in your own light!

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