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We are only 3 months into the new year and the world has gone bat sh!t crazy!! But not for nothing this Coronavirus quarantine has actually created some good to combat all of the bad that has come with it. Family time has increased, business ideas are being created and the best part is, people are tapping into their humanity. Actually helping others around them, donating time, money and just being dope human beings and I’m proud of us!

Now, although I know we are all being awesome human beings most of the day, let’s talk about the rest of the day when we are asked to socially distance ourselves and stay inside. What exactly are we doing? I know that I’m getting a little bored myself. So, I’ve designed a few games to play at home during the coronavirus quarantine.


Play this game with your family, friends or significant other that you are trapped in the house with. Download this game and play on your Instagram, post on your Tik Tok or just laugh with your family answering the questions.



Love the classic game of bingo? Well, take a look at these new Corona themed BINGO games that you can play with your family and friends.


Click here for a downloadable version of Quarantine Bingo.


Now, although games are fun and take up a lot of the time that we have to sit idle at home, it’s also good to use this time to be productive. So check out this bucketlist and make some goals for yourself during the quarantine.

Click here for the downloadable version of the Quarantine bucketlist.

I’m sure this quarantine is far from over (unfortunately). But, I will update this list as the days and weeks of isolation go on. So be sure to check in weekly for new games and share it with your family and friends.

And until next time,

Stay Safe &

TAKE THE WORLD (from your living room😂).

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