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It’s been 3 weeks since the Coronavirus seriously hit the fan, and I can’t be the only one with cabin fever. Am I? Last week I created some fun games that you could play at home during the coronavirus quarantine. This week I want to give you some long-lasting activities that will not only take up time but that will provide you hours of fun, life long memories and will stay within the bounds of the suggested social distancing instructions. Keep scrolling for 5 fun ways to pass the time during the coronavirus quarantine.


Whether you are making tik toks for fun or watching millions of the funny videos of people stuck inside, you are bound to take your mind off of the world’s current state by signing up for this app. Tik Tok is an app that is used to create short dance, lip-sync, informative and comedy videos.

@tiatakestheworldStuck in the house…girl getting on my nerves!! ##MoodBoost ##viral ##foryoupage ##willsmith ##tiktokcouples♬ original sound – tiatakestheworld


Netflix has been rolling out comedy series from rising stars to reputable comedians. There is literally something for everyone as Netflix has filmed an array of comics. And lucky you, if you are new to Netflix and trying to save coins during these uncertain times, you can get Netflix free for 30 days as a new member.


There are so many creative challenges that have come about following the social distancing mandate most countries have enforced. Some of these social media challenges are fun ways to pass the time at home while others…I beg you all not to even share, promote or try at home. Find one that makes you laugh, gives you more time with your family, encourages healthy living and/or sparks your creative side.

Here are a couple that I found are really cool and can be done by anyone.

@brokeassgirltravel is doing a challenge called the #athomepicchallenge. The challenge is as simple as finding everyday things around your house to make a creative photo. Check out this photo where Mal took flowers from her house, candles, and milk to master this impromptu milk bath scene.

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Here me out… And this isn’t shade, it’s just a question. Is it really a challenge if it’s not challenging??? 😂 Who am I kidding, 10 pushups is hella hard for me 😂😂 Y’all gone be some strong alcoholics by the time this is over. • I do love seeing the baby pics all the people who are fluent in French are posting. But I’m so excited for the creativity, the ideas, and the ongoing community the innanet is giving us. Loving the throwbacks, but would love to see new things! • So I’m gonna create a challenge, no, it’s not the #SendMallyNudes challenge 😂It’s gonna be #BrokeAssGirlTravel’s #AtHomePicChallenge I’m gonna use random shit around the house and try to make some epic and creative things, and I’ll show you how. Join me, copy the ideas and lemmmmmie seeeeeee it! 👀👀 Use the hashtags and I’ll share em! • This first photo is inspired by Sam @callmeadventurous who posted a beautiful milk bath pic! I had to do it! More prompts are on the way. Also, if you’re creating something new, entertaining or helpful please share so we can pay attention!

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The #see10do10challenge is slowly taking over the net. You simply do 10 pushups (or set the number higher for a challenge) and challenge your friends and family to join in.


Since the Coronavirus has taken over the world has seen how much we truly can and do rely on technology. Luckily, that’s not a bad thing. Because of so many technological advancements, we can still feel close to family and friends although we are advised to keep our distance. Use some of the following apps to connect with family and pass the time during the Coronavirus quarantine.

Facetime (for apple users), Zoom (for any device), Google hangouts (for gmail users), Facebook Messanger (for facebook users). There are many apps that feed all of your needs but these are apps that I have used personally and find to be most effective in communicating with my family so far away.


Not only a there hundreds of thousands of creators making new products for people to try out but there are a lot of musical creators that are offering their services for free. Take some time to treat yourself to a virtual concert or party with some of the famous and rising Djs, fitness gurus, and dance instructors.


I was able to catch a live concert with John Legend last week. I felt like I was VIP on the front row. It was a good time!


Being stuck at home doesn’t have to be a drag. It can be a lot of fun and create memories that last after this crisis is averted. Find something that you like and have fun! Don’t let all of the seriousness weigh you down with stress. You can still be responsible in flattening the curve while not going out of your mind with boredom.

Try out these 5 fun ways to pass the time during the coronavirus quarantine and send me any fun things that you are doing to stop boredom.

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