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Well, now that my offer has been extended…and signed lol the real work is ahead! I still have to:
Get my teaching license and degree authenticated
I know it sounds easy but this process requires me to:
-get them signed by a notary
-send them to the Secretary of State
-send them to the UAE embassy
Whew this could take forever! But I’m being patient. In the meantime I’m trying to sell off my stuff, move out of my apartment and basically get all the fine details ironed out.
I have soooo much to do!! But this is what I asked for and I’m ready for it all.
If you ever decide to take this opportunity just be prepared for lots of footwork, paperwork, calls back and forth to your rep, misinformed information from old and new teachers already placed. The best word of advice I can give you is to just brrrreeaaattthhee and go with the flow.
Just going with it

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