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The Call!!

Today started like any other, my alarm clock blared…I ignored it a few times before literally dragging myself out of bed! I just really wasn’t in the mood for school today. Maybe being in New York has made me zone out! Nevertheless, I made it back to work.

I’m not sure if the waiting has me on edge or if my school is seriously crazy! The kids were insane today, like literally jumping off the walls. All I can think is…CAN THE END OF THE YEAR GET HERE ALREADY!!!!

When I thought my day couldn’t get any more annoying than it was my phone starts to ring….caller ID reads Ontario, Canada. Nooooww, this can be one of two people, Drake finally getting in touch with me about marrying him, or my job recruiter. I assume it is my placement rep from Teach Away. I answer the phone and of course, it’s Katie, my coordinator. After some small talk, she says, “Weeelll I’m calling you today to let you know, we just sent you an email….offering you a position!” I literally jumped out of my skin!!! “OH MY GOD!!! Really?! I can’t believe this yes! Yes!!! Thank you, thank you soooooo much Katie!!”

I wanted to take the rest of the day off from school and tell everyone I know….I’M MOVING TO ABU DHABI!!

She informed me of the next steps in my process of receiving my flight information. I have tons of paperwork to sign and send back along with loads of documents that have to be attested and notarized.
So now the footwork begins. Hustling for paperwork!!! I will definitely keep you guys updated on my progress!!!
Thank you sweet baby Jesus

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