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5 Reasons To Visit Georgia, The Country

Georgia, hands down, is one of the most underrated yet satisfying countries that I have visited to date. Prior to visit, I had heard little about the country, but I knew from past conversations that skiing in the mountains was a must. I was ready for the prospect of visiting a new country and even more excited about sharing my experiences. Here are 5 reasons you should visit Georgia 🇬🇪.



When we first arrived to Tbilisi, Georgia I immediately fell in love with the colonial architecture. I have always loved a city that keeps its architecture from its inception. Although Georgia, I’m sure has made upgrades and renovated over the years, you can easily see that the buildings around the old town still have a historic look.

The beautiful architecture didn’t stop in the capital city either. Traveling through the mountainous areas of Guduari and Merisi I noticed similar builds in the houses and I was impressed by the way these structures sat on the edges of mountains, withstanding not only generations of families but weather and war.

Traveling cross country we also spotted several monasteries and old churches.
The church played an important role in Georgia’s history. Several monasteries can be visited all around the country. Inspired by Roman art, the influence is easy to identify, with their tall drum and cone-like domes.


It is a wonder that I didn’t gain more than the 2kg of weight I brought back after 9 days of traveling through Georgia. The food was absolutely delicious. I am a true bread and cheese girl. I can eat a variety of both as whole meals, and Georgia must’ve detected that I would be tempted because OH MY KACHUPARI! Kachupari is one of the main appetizers that is a warm cheese bread that you could add sauce, meat, or even egg. But I kept it basic and fell in love!

The delectable Georgian cuisines didn’t stop there though! They are known for their dumplings, which honestly I’ve never been a fan of. BUT the meat inside put me on the fence.

We indulged in mixed platters of chicken, lamb, beef, and to my friend’s delight PORK! (which isn’t so easily attainable in Abu Dhabi).

We ate! We ate goodT! And I’m quite positive that when you travel to Georgia, you will enjoy it as well.


The culture of Georgia is very rich and powerful. After learning about Demetrius II of Georgia and his unwavering belief in Christianity which led to his year-long imprisonment and torturing until he died, I knew that these people were my type of people. Not only does the history of the Georgian people create resilience and confidence that shines through but their culture of hospitality is one to rival with.

We were lucky to meet several people who taught us about the country. Every guide, restaurant owner, or just passer-by on the street greeted us with excitement, kindness, and respect. We laughed, sang, and learned so much along the way.

The culture of language is also very interesting. Georgians speak Georgian, English (which is becoming 2nd most commonly spoken language), and Russian. Everyone that we encountered spoke English very fluently so you won’t have a problem communicating if you travel to Georgia.

Wine & Spirits

I’ve never considered myself a connoisseur of wines. I know what I like and I buy it. There is no sniffing for robustness or watching it fall down the side of the glass for clarity. Honestly, I don’t even know if those are actually things you do 😂.
What I do know is that after going through a very entertaining wine tour, I have an appreciation for wines that I didn’t have before.

Whereas I only would drink a sweet red or white prior to visiting, I now have a wider palette for a variety of wines. And Georgia has a variety. Making its first wine 8,000 years ago, the country has defined itself as a staple in the industry.

We were also able to try some new spirits thanks to our local guide Georg who bonded with us so much that he bought us some of the local spirits.

I won’t ruin your experience with a spoiler but have yourself a taste of chacha. All that I will say is, have a razor nearby if you don’t like chest hair 😂


I love traveling to a country that is beautiful as well as affordable and The Republic of Georgia has both qualities. During our stay, we were able to taxi to and from our Airbnb which easily was a 10-15 minute ride depending on traffic for under $10.

We’d indulge in feasts of mixed grills, accompanied by wine, water, and soft beverages for several people, at different restaurants for around $15-$20 a person.

Our tours, which were booked through one of my favorite booking apps Viator, were exceptionally affordable and included fun sightseeing, transportation, and an immaculate guide, whose contact information you can find in my Ultimate Georgia Guide.

I expected to spend a lot more than I did during my 9-day trip, but I was happy that I was able to keep my coins in my favorite place, my pockets!



Georgia was my first trip following the pandemic and my expectations were very high. I can say that without reservation, every expectation was met and I would recommend you to visit this hidden gem. Georgia should be at the top of your bucket list with its amazing food & wine, culture, architecture, and affordability. Don’t let the opportunity to travel here pass you by as your plan your future travels around the world.



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