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Holiday Gift Guide For Travelers

Travelers Gift Ideas

Travelers Gift Ideas

With the holidays coming up you may be looking for the best travel gifts ideas for your wanderlust friends and family. Look no further, and dive into my Holiday Gift Guide For Travelers.

As a traveler, when my family asks for my gift requests, 9 times out of 10 I send them travel gadgets. And being the queen of saving coins and making what I have work for me, my travel gadgets are always pocket-friendly. So, I decided to share some of my favorite travel gadgets to ensure that shopping doesn’t break the bank and can make gift getting for your wanderlusters easy. And for my jet-setters, check the list! There may be an item on this list you’ve never seen and want to add to your wishlist for the holidays!


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Unique Travel Gift

I have always loved capturing my most memorable moments on my journeys around the world. My favorite way to time capsule those times has been to put my photos into a photo album or scrapbook them.  That was until I found this cool blast from the past, the Image 3D Retroviewfinder.

When I first saw the viewfinder I was blown away with nostalgia and also taken over with joy clicking through some of my favorite times abroad. I thought about how many people, young and old would absolutely love to have this creative gift to stroll down memory lane.

With the Retroviewfinder as one of your travel gifts you are sure to impress not only your favorite traveler but anyone who loves to reminisce on times past.

It is really easy to order the viewfinder. All you have to do is upload 7 of your favorite photos to the Image 3D site, customize your viewfinder by color and click order! It’s that simple. Grab an Image 3D for your holiday gift needs and get $6.25 off of shipping at this link Buy Here

Packing Cubes

I have always loved packing cubes. They keep my suitcase so organized especially when I’m on the go. I don’t have to sift through an entire suitcase of clothes to find my underwear or shirts. Not only have they kept me organized but they are really cute and help make my suitcase packing skills look like my parents raised me right. Lol! I also love these cubes because they come in various colors AND they include bags for dirty clothes and make-up bag. Buy here


External Charger

Now, who has been out on  a trip taking the best photos, getting the most iconic videos, and just racking up memories on your electronic devices and BOOM! The 20% battery remaining sign pops up. It’s a dreadful warning that nobody wants to experience on vacation. But it’s easily avoidable by owning an external charger. I really love this particular model 1) because you get 2 in the deal. 2) because it charges your phone almost 2.5 times. And 3) IT’S LESS THAN $25!!  I know perfect gift! And also, perfect to have just for everyday life. Buy here

Travel Anti Theft Bookbag

I have traveled to some beautiful places that just happened to be really sketchy. Europe for examples is one of my favorite continents but you have warning signs on almost every corner, train ride and bus to protect your belongs because pickpocketing is real! I’ve had a friend travel to Columbia and someone swiped his wallet and phone from his pocket without him noticing. Some people live the life of thievery. But we won’t let that ruin our travels. Especially when you can own this anti-theft travel backpack. And one of m favorite specs about this bag is that it comes in different colors. Making it a perfect gift for him or her. Buy here


Tripod/Selfie Stick

Who doesn’t want to take the perfect picture while on vacation? I know I do. And sometimes as a traveler you just don’t have anyone to do it for you. Whether you are traveling solo or traveling with a group and have nobody to take your dope shot, this selfie tripod is perfect for your picture-taking needs. I love this product for many reasons. 1) I not only act as a tripod but as a long-extending selfie stick, which sometimes you just need! 2) It is lightweight and compact. This device goes from standing 40 inches tall to fitting into your bag with ease. 3) It has a Bluetooth remote, making getting in place for the perfect shot easy. Buy here

Customized Passport

Traveling in style is a must! And the first way to step your style game up is to give your passport a nice outfit. I often change my passport sleeve because I like to keep her looking cool 🤣 . My favorite sleeve hands down is this customizable passport cover. Not only can you customize it by adding your name to the front but you also have a place to hold cards and money. And am I the only one who ever has to search high and low for a pen to sign those declarations at the airport? Now, you can keep it with you at all times! Buy here

Electronic Organizer

One of the most annoying things about travel has been keeping up with chargers for my electronics. Even before I took travel blogging seriously I would have fifty thousand cords to travel with. And can you guess how I carried them? In a zip lock bag 🙈. I won’t accept judgment! Once I found this awesome electronic organizer I felt like my packing life changed. I stoped losing and bending cords out of shape and honestly, I carry it when I’m not traveling because it keeps my things that well organized. Buy Here

Travel Size Containers

Don’t get to the airport and have your feelings hurt when TSA throws away that lotion bottle that you use at the house because it’s not the correct size for a carry-on item. Get your travel-approved sized bottles for travel and never go without lotion, smell goods, mouth wash, and any other liquid that is a necessity when traveling. This is a great gift for domestic and international travel. Buy here

Travel Tracker Map

Travel Gift Idea

There are many ways to document your travels, scrapbooking, collecting currencies, buying shot glasses etc. But one of the coolest ways that I have found is by using the travel tracker map. A one-time investment to see your travel achievements live and in color. This is a great gift for domestic and international travelers as they carry versions based on single countries as well. Buy Here

Universal Travel Adaptor

Travel Charger

One of the worst predicaments to get in while traveling is to realize that the outlets at the hotels you are staying at don’t accept your chargers. Keep the stress out of your life by carrying a universal travel adaptor. Travel adaptors are perfect gifts as they carry the proper wattage which needs to be used when plugging electronics into sockets. This prevents you from causing power outages and blowing out your devices. Buy here


Travel Coloring Book


I don’t know about you but in transit to my destinations, I love to occupy my time other than eating in the airport lounge or watching planes take off. Hardly Home is the perfect time consumer when traveling. The coloring pages give you travel vibes and inspire future trips. You can also find a bucket list activity page where you keep up with the travel itineraries that you used when traveling to certain destinations. And it’s the perfect gift for all genders and age ranges. Buy here



This list will continue to grow as my travel inventory grows. So continue to check-in for new travel gift ideas. Share some of your favorite under travel gifts in the comments!

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