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Making the decision to move abroad can bring out a side that many people never knew existed. Seeking answers to a new normal can drive the calmest and relaxed people to become doctoral type researchers. There is no amount of research that can completely prepare you for the unknown. But, there are always resources to give you some insight into the answers you are seeking. Sometimes, you can even gain perspective you didn’t even know you needed. In this edition of, moving abroad 101 you’ll find 3 topics to research if you are moving abroad for political freedom.

With the world in chaos over the injustices that are being televised in the States, I have been very satisfied with moving abroad. It seems, that with the publicized acts of brutality that now, more than ever, people are looking to try other countries as their home base. Although there are issues no matter where you live in the world, having the privilege to choose where to live is a blessing. My heart breaks for those who are not in the position to do the same. But for those who can, I want to make you more informed of what to look for when moving abroad. Especially if you are moving abroad due to the political climate.


It is important when deciding where to live, especially if you are moving abroad for political reasons, to learn about the treatment of people who are like you. As I stated, every country has its issues as far as discrimination goes, but you can choose to move to a place where those issues don’t cause a shift in your morals or make you feel like an outcast. The search is as simple as typing it in on Google.


Knowing the relationship of your home country and the country that you plan to live in is a very crucial aspect to research. Although people may not treat you differently initially, planning trips home, having documents approved or even your general well being may be challenged at times. God forbid if tensions, that were already in place before you move, rise, you could be in a very dangerous situation.


Dual citizenship is cool right? If nothing than to say you are a resident in multiple places. Or to have a safe haven to retreat to if your home country becomes unbearable. But, not all countries allow residents to apply for citizenship. This may be important if you are looking to become politically involved or if you have an interest in citizenship in another place. Do your research before you move. The feeling of falling in love with a destination only to find out that it never can truly be home is a disappointing feeling.


One of the best takeaways that I have learned living abroad is to have a few follow-ups. Expat life is addictive and there are so many places to live and explore. In the event that there are some hiccups political or otherwise in the country you have moved to, always have a couple of backups to keep the journey going. In my follow up list I have countries who accept my passport, don’t discriminate against people who look like me, and places who have several jobs in my field. Create your must-have lists in the country that you want to live in keep them on tuck in cases of emergencies.

Moving abroad can be a stressful situation. The worry of acceptance can be eliminated. Cut out the anxiety of the unknown by knowing what you are getting in before you move. For all of my fellow ex-pats out there, please drop any other helpful tips that you may have about what to research before moving that will help our prospective brothers and sisters transition easier.

Perspective expats, drop any questions that you may have for me below.

And as always,

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