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It’s been awhile since my last post…not really much to talk about except how I have been checking my email inbox every 5 minutes waiting on my departure date but TODAY it finally came!
So here’s how it went:
Everyday since I signed my offer letter I have checked my email religiously throughout the  day for a potential flight letter. In past years I have noticed that teachers received flight information within as much as 2 weeks and as little as 24 hours before their departure date. So being a new teacher this year I didn’t know what to expect. At the beginning of Ramadan (essentially a muslim holiday to commemorate the first revelation of the Quran to Muhammad according to Islamic belief.) I was sent an email telling me that processing would be slowed down due to Ramadan. This of course was not the news I wanted to hear but as I’ve stated before patience in this process is key. So I just spent the period of Ramadan loving on my family, packing and traveling.
So, Ramadan ended on July 17th and people had started to receive flight information. I started checking my emails religiously every morning at 7am but everyday NOTHING ={ I had made up in my mind that I wouldn’t be apart of group 1 and I started to tell people that I would be leaving AFTER August 6th sometime….then
FINALLY on July 22 I woke up to practice my morning mail checking ritual AND THERE IT WAS…MY GOLDEN TICKET!!!I leave from Charlotte, NC on August 6th at 10am and I have a connecting flight at JFK, NY and then I will head straight to Abu Dhabi.
I am beyond excited BUT this is literally 2 weeks away!! I feel so unprepared and I realized all that downtime I was using to be impatient I should’ve been doing soooo much more!! But the time is here and the clock is ticking.
I will keep you all posted on everything.

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