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Welcome to the United Arab Emirates, ranked as one of the safest places on Earth and the home to cities deemed as, “The Vegas of the Middle East,” and “The City of Gold”. The UAE, known for its many awards and record-breaking architecture has not always stood out for its diversity, in particular the amount of UAE black-owned businesses.

Many people aren’t aware that the UAE is home to a diverse group of cultures, religions, and nationalities. I have found a particular shocking look on people’s faces when I mention the number of black people who live and work in the UAE. And the shock is even greater when I speak about the UAE black-owned businesses that are thriving throughout the country.

There is no time better than the present to patron and help build the black community with your dollars. If you are living in the UAE or have plans to visit, here is a list of 80+ UAE black-owned businesses that you should support.

This list ranges from hair, apparel, custom gift designs, restaurants, bakeries, nightlife, event planning, real estate and so much more! Check out how the black community is thriving in the Middle East and share it with your friends.

(This directory will be updated frequently so be sure to continue to check-in for new places to patron)

Table of Contents


Here you can find a range of UAE black-owned entertainment businesses. From party promoters, disc jockeys, event organizers and more.

Urban event planner


JS Entertainment is an event company based in the United Arab Emirates that aims to bring unique themed events to the region.

With 6 years experience in the UAE we have seen consistent growth with our signature events and have now gained an international following.

We look forward to growing the brand globally and hosting events outside the region in the near future.

Click here to find out more about JS Entertainment’s events.

You can also contact JS Entertainment at +971506223035 for more information


A UAE-based event management company that offers performance arts, culture, and nightlife concepts both to the general public and private clients.

Culture, arts, and nightlife all under one roof!

Check out more about us on our website http://rooftoprhythms.org

You can contact us by email at info@rooftoprhythms.org

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Rooftop Rhythms AD
Rooftop Rhythms Group

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Innovative, motivated and realistic are just three words that describe award-winning Talent Manager, Author and Music Consultant, Albert M. Carter.
As a self-proclaimed culture shifter, Albert helps musicians understand the value of their music and learn what it takes to make it in the music business. Co-founder of the nonprofit Hip Hop University, Emirates Music Summit, and AudioSwim, he has built his reputation as a champion for artists within the music industry. 
Albert has hands-on, practical experience working in various genres of music globally and is adept at building sustainable relationships with record labels, brands, and artists along with governmental agencies at the local, state, and federal levels. Influential and deeply entwined within hip-hop culture across multiple locations,  he is a mentor and educator with a vision to enhance the quality of life through music.
Motto: Success is overcoming one obstacle at a time until you reach your goal.
Visit the following websites to learn more about Albert and his endeavors.
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Originally from Oakland, California by way of VA. Dyme’s DJ style is extremely vivacious, original, and unique as she aspires to give her crowd what they desire each and every set. Dyme understands the importance of delivering a seamless set as she has developed a distinctive ear over the years for creating and executing smooth blends. You can catch DJ Dyme spinning across an array of genres to include Hip-Hop, RnB, Trap, Afro Beats, Reggae, as well as Commercial. DJ Dyme has been featured in various venues across Abu Dhabi, Dubai, South Africa, and the U.S.

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Booking Info: djdyme88@gmail.com

UAE Black-owned DJ BRAND

A new DJ on the UAE scene, DJ King Koopa has quickly become a favorite among the community. Specializing in trap hip hop, Afro Beats, and R&B, but ranging in musical styles, King Koopa keeps the crowd on their feet and the house rocking to the beat. 

King Koopa has Dj’d for yacht parties, birthday events, pool parties, and brunches. 

With a motto of “I do it for the people!” He is definitely the DJ you want for the family cookout or your next big function.

Click here to listen to King Koopa’s custom mixes.

You can also follow him on Instagram (by clicking here)  to tune in to his live sessions.

FEMALE INTERNATIONAL DJThe DJ Queen Bri is an International Female DJ currently based in Dubai, UAE is an up and coming American DJ getting recognized for spinning the best hits from all over the world.

Playing in front of a crowd over 10,000 people strong, she is known for creating a vibe that the crowd can feel.

Born and raised in Houston, Texas she prides herself on knowing “good music” and being your girl’s favorite DJ. DJ Queen Bri motto is, “Music is a Universal Language”. Her experience with playing in various countries the same thing remains, music unites all people.

If you want to experience a set from DJ Queen visit her website www.thedjqueenbri.com.

You can email DJ Queen Bri at thedjqueenbri@gmail.com

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World Renowned Disc Jockey, DJ Oso Loso, hails from Camden, New Jersey by way of Clarksville, TN. He is a Self-Starter who molded his career & made a name for himself in the Industry through his talented ear for music.  

DJ Loso’s musical skills include a wide range of Genre’s, from Hip-Hop, R&B, Dancehall and billboard top 40. His passion for music, driven personality, & crowd-pleasing abilities has led to many DJ opportunities across the globe. 

While living in the Middle East for the past 7 years, DJ Loso has been requested as the #1 Guest Appearance to DJ at several Nightclubs & Venues in Dubai, Bahrain, & Kuwait. He has provided DJ services for large-scale events, hosted a number of private parties, & celebrity appearances. Loso has provided his services for world-known artists & entertainers like Estelle Darlings, Paul Wall, Tommy Davidson, and Legendary, R&B group Silk. 

The mission that lies within him is to become notorious for his many skills, accomplishments, & most of all, his motivation to reach all audiences across the world.

Contact Dj Loso by Whatsapp at: +971 55628 4276 or by email djloso7@gmail.com

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Since moving to the UAE in 2017, DJ Shidi has made his presence known as an international disc jockey. He has grown a strong international following and become a favorite among UAE patrons as well as bookings abroad in Ethiopia and Oman. DJ Shidi exudes a balance of charisma and poise that captivates his audiences, bleeding into every transition during his performances. His mixing style focuses on creating seamless blends that keep dance floors full and patrons guessing when one song ends and the next song begins. DJ Shidi uses his exquisite skills to read crowds and effortlessly move between genres ensuring that no musical modality is off-limits during his sets.

Contact Dj Shidi by Whatsapp at: +971556807370 or by email djshidi1124@gmail.com

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International DJ

D.J. Allad has been rocking clubs throughout the U.S. for over ten years. In 2011 Allad decided to travel abroad and bring his love for music to
international ears throughout the world.

Living in Abu Dhabi, Allad has been spotted throughout the Emirates playing sets from Hip Hop, Rnb, Neo Soul, Reggae, Azonto, Soulful House and Top 40 tracks. His love for music pushes him to bring a party atmosphere to almost any venue he plays at.

Allad is the resident D.J. for Rooftop Rhythms UAE, Beats and Bingo, Taco Tuesdays, Urban Junkies, Upscale Fridays and Abu Dhabi Soul. You can catch him also rocking different sets with JS Entertainment along with playing at a few venues in Dubai.

My motto is Partying with the universe 1 star at a time!

Allad’s immediate project is his 15 Mins to Fame weekly mix tape, recorded and placed on his Mix Cloud account.

To book Dj Allad please contact him at:

Click here to listen to Dj Allad’s mixes

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Black-owned nightclub

KIZA Cigar Lounge is a destination for connoisseurs in search of a truly exceptional experience. Unpretentious yet cultured, distinctive yet familiar, vibrant yet tranquil, the KIZA Cigar Lounge inspires you to unwind with friends or in a secluded moment of relaxation. Evoking subtle sophistication, the venue is reminiscent of a speakeasy with its lush leather seating, soft furnishings and timeless collection of photographs. A Private Bar and dedicated humidors serve premium cigars paired with finest selection of beverages.

KIZA Cigar Lounge reflects a relaxed attitude for those who appreciate pleasures of fine cigars; be spoilt for choice with our unsurpassed extensive selection. An exclusive curated experience is available for corporate bookings and private events. Enquire for bespoke experience designed to suit any occasion.

Check out our website Kiza Nightclub to find out more about our events


In this section, you can find UAE black-owned businesses to appease your fashion needs.

African style fashions

Shapes & Colors (black-owned) is a line of timeless and effortless sophistication, which takes pride in beautifully made functional and stylish clothes that flatters the silhouette.

As a Quintessential Fashion Brand, Shapes&Colors is hinged on African Values and aims to build a socially conscious African brand that transcends International Borders.


At Shape & Colors, we are passionate about the African Child and we support Projects, NGOs, and Initiatives that create sustainable livelihood and education for them, whilst being committed to raising awareness to the plight of every vulnerable African child in developing countries.


Through every product purchase, you would be impacting a change in a child’s life and lending a helping hand to drive social change as a percentage of every purchase goes into Creating Education, Sustainable Livelihood and Driving Awareness to the plight of the African child.

You can contact Shapes & Colors via Whatsapp at +971567009061

Click here to visit Shapes & Colors website

The Website will be launching soon! Sign up now to get notified once we go live in a few weeks.

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(Orders can be placed via Instagram/Facebook DM until we launch the website in a few weeks)

African print accesories

Dezired Dezigns (black-owned fashion line) is a brand created to express creativity through art and fashion. DD also provides the community with joy, interaction, and inspiration through painting gatherings and artistic retail merchandise. 

Offering luggage bags, swimsuits, art, and more, Dezired Dezigns is a multi-multifaceted business offering you a variety of buying options.

Click here to shop in fashion, art, and accessories.

Linen based fashion brand

A black-owned linen based clothing line developed and made in Abu Dhabi.

Check out our collection on our website

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Custom Decorative Gifts
Dreamy Designs (black-owned) is dedicated to creating the perfect custom design for your special events.  “We create the designs of your dreams.”
We create an assortment of products. You can hire us to create custom signage for parties, bags, notebooks, ornaments, cups, mugs, keychains, and so much more! Contact us today to inquire about creating your special gift!
You can order your custom designs by messaging us on any of our platforms.
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Trendy fashions

“Good Fashion, Good Vibes”

Category London, a black-owned fashion line, has the good fashion, always offering you quality, classic, and trendy styles. As a bonus you get all our “posi” vibes of peace and love. Category London now offers Men’s and Women’s clothing. We knooow . . . It’s a VIBE!!

Contact Category London by email hello@categorylondon.com 

Click here to shop Category London

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African made accesories

Ziva Naseer, black-owned accessory line, is a handmade, luxury purse brand inspired by a middle eastern aesthetic combined with the thoughtfulness of stylish heirlooms. Each design fuses jewel-tone embellishments, hand-carved pendants, and beautifully crafted metal to create the perfect statement piece. Ziva Naseer’s summer collection is currently available on our website zivanaseer.com and ships worldwide.

Our Motto:
“Confidence is the best accessory, but a great handbag is a close second!”

To contact us send an email to info@zivanaseer.com

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Please visit our website ZivaNaseer.com

Travel Accessories

Love to take the world!? Why not do it in style? Tia Takes the World offers country flags for every international territory that you have visited. Collect stamps to place on clothes, bags, memorabilia, WHATEVER!! Tia Takes the World has a mission to always have you reminiscing about your travels wherever you go. Grab your patch today.

Click here to check out our various flag patches.

African inspired Jewlery

Blingz and Thingz is an Afrocentric driven brand that provides a unique and stylish fashion with an edge and is black-owned.

We create and provide statement fashion and accessories for the everyday woman. We are motivated and inspired by culture, tradition, and diversity.

Our creations are versatile but elegant and practical too. Our range of products are carefully designed and crafted. They include exquisite handmade jewelry, ready to wear Ankara and kente apparel and accessories to suit all occasions.

We also make custom items on request.

At Blingz N Thingz we “Let your style determine your statement and own it like a Queen.”

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Visit our website by clicking here

DM us for your orders. Payments can be made via PayPal. We ship worldwide.

Luxury leather accessories

We are a black-owned, socially conscious brand that hand-makes luxury leather goods. We use chrome-free, biodegradable camel, and Nappa leather and produce each piece in a non-mass produced manner. 

We started our journey making shoes and accessories for babies and toddlers. After a few years, we developed into making leather for the whole family. 

We have crafted the best quality pieces you can buy using the highest grade certified vegetable tanned camel and Nappa leather. 

You can also learn more about us at our website: www.maisoneli.com 

Email us at info@eliboots.com

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Luxury womens fashion line

DIONE, a black-owned collection is centered on affordable luxury!

“A touch of class and elegance “

A label where you can look classy without breaking the bank and of course with good quality fabrics.

More importantly, my goal in this business is to try as times go to create sizeS for all.

You can shop Dione Collections here

You can email us at dionecollectionsltd@gmail.com

Black women fashion line
The House of Devereaux, a black-owned brand, was created with the mission of assisting people in cultivating their personal style and increasing their self-confidence. With Style by Devereaux- I serve as the lead stylist offering a variety of services from closet detoxing and re-organization to personal/virtual styling and shopping. With Custom Design by Devereaux- I specialize in blazers and suiting for the bold professional by crafting what I like to call the “new classic“.
My motto is #itsallinthedetails 
Visit my website to shop my collection www.houseofdevereaux.com
The best way to reach me is via email at customorders@houseofdevereaux.com or styleby@houseofdevereaux.com
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Black owned african fashion

Launched in Sept 2016, by Foluke Olubusi from her workshop in Abu Dhabi, Prestige Style Fashion is a fashion label. We at Prestige don’t believe that affordability should sacrifice quality. We pride ourselves on premium stitching and delivery because we believe our customers deserve the best, without having to break the bank. Prestige is all about real clothes for real people at affordable prices. We combine different prints and embellishments with traditional, contemporary and classic styles to showcase and embody true beauty through fashion.

We are also proud to announce the new launch of our men’s line as we believe our men deserve to look just as good as our beautiful prestigious women!

Shop a black-owned brand focused on offering premium quality at an affordable price.

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Black owned jewlery
Be Beads18, a black-owned accessory business was derived from my name BERTHA and BEADS & 2018 THE YEAR FOUNDED.
BE_BEADS18 specializes in using exotic beads from Africa as the main material on its accessories.
BE_BEADS18 is an African brand based in UAE.
We specialize in hand made accessories and apparel. Our crafts are inspired by the deep diversity of African heritage.
Discover be_beads where culture speaks loud.
Our motto is BE DIFFERENT 
Order by visiting our website Bebeads.co
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These UAE black-owned businesses have everything for your skin care and beauty needs.

Heavenly Reflection Make Up-UAE (HRMU) is owned and operated by Make-Up Artist, Kimberly Carey from Houston, Texas (USA). With over 6 years of experience, she has beautified and transformed the cities of the UAE one face at a time.

HRMU is a makeup artistry and consultancy company that specializes in Make-Up Artistry, Make-up Education (SLAY DAY), Modeling & Confidence Coaching,  Fashion Show Consultancy, MCing/Transformational Speaking, and Airbrush Spray Tanning, while catering to an international market that values quality from face to body, event to runway. 


Available for private virtual classes (Online Slay), group workshops (SLAY DAY), live demonstrations, ladies’ parties, school career days, photoshoots, etc.
Kimberly is also the CEO/Founder of ‘by K.Nicole-THE BRAND’ check out her products in Instagram @brushclass_knicole 
Check out our website:
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BLack beauty products

Apomé Beauty is a female-owned makeup brand which is about beauty for everyone. For the royalty within. Being real and feeling beautiful. Being True to yourself. We believe in providing quality products at affordable prices.

Our mission is to be sweet and sweeten the lives of others. We are committed to encouraging men and women to feel both empowered and beautiful. Apomé is a direct reflection of my perseverance and passion for great quality products that enhance the beauty in everyone, every day.

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Shop our products on our website: www.apomebeauty.com

All natural shea butter produts
Noix de Shea (“Shea nut” in French) is an all-natural skincare brand centered around bringing you 100% natural, and fair trade products to the market – mainly Shea butter. 
Our Shea butter is 100% raw, and unrefined and has been brought to you through our collaboration with Association Karité Benin, and the women’s cooperation. 
Through these collaborations, we are contributing to the livelihood of many Beninese women who rely on Shea butter to make their living. Our Shea butter has numerous clinically proven benefits and is 100% ethically sourced. 
We’ve carefully curated our original exclusive blends of raw Shea butter with organic lavender oil, and raw Shea butter with an exquisite blend of sandal rose and musk to create unique products unlike any other. 
We’re bringing you Shea butter like you’ve never seen it before! 
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Our products can be purchased at www.noixdeshea.com 
Natural body butters 
Handmade all-natural body products by Amaravi now available in the UAE. We are an African product and our kitchen is in Malawi. We are an ethical and environmentally friendly product. We employ local people and are contributing to one of the poorest economies in the world.
At Amaravi we aim to package in eco-friendly materials. Our range includes butters, beebalms, soaps, oils and health products.
You can contact us via Whatsapp: +265888013111 or by phone: +971 502574333
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‘BRUSH Class by K.Nicole’ is the brainchild of Makeup Artist/Educator, Kimberly Carey, and will be the hottest makeup brush system scheduled to hit the makeup scene this summer. 

As a part of the ‘by K.Nicole-THE BRAND’ makeup necessities line, ‘BRUSH Class by K.Nicole’ is the 9pc color-coded/ color “coated” brush system that makes learning makeup easier and fun. Along with the ‘Makeup As A Second Language’ Masterclasses, ‘BRUSH Class’ is makeup education twist…color-by-color, step-by-step.  Great for makeup beginners, makeup enthusiasts, and makeup pros.  Your makeup journey will never be the same once you have ‘BRUSH Class by K. Nicole’ as your guide. Stay tuned for more details

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Searching for a way to stay fit? Check out these UAE black-owned businesses geared to physical health and wellness.

Afro beat dance classes
Afrofit Dubai, a black-owned fitness studio, is a high-intensity cardio workout set to the tune of Afrobeats music that burns calories and improves overall health. Our motto is workout, learn African dance and unleash yourself.
There are many health benefits to joining the Afrofit Dubai family such as:

-It helps to combat anxiety and Stress.

-Stimulates the brain cells and sleeping patterns.

– Increases oxygen circulation around the body and also increases alertness and mental performance.

-A Rebound fun exercise that burns more calories than running approximately 1200cls

-Helps stimulates the lymphatic system which renders the body of toxins which can make you sluggish.

We also offer Afro dance classes for beginners and intermediate levels.
Afrofit Schedule:
Indoors: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday at 5:45pm to 7:15pm.
Afro dance group classes are on Wednesday 5:45pm to 7:15pm
Location: Al Habtoor Grand Hotel Dubai Marina
Outdoor Classes (Afrofit Beat the Heat session)
Monday, Friday & Sunday 7pm to 8pm
Location: Skydive outdoor Gym Dubai Marina
Price list:
Afrofit per session 70aed
Weekly pass : 5 sessions = 300aed
Monthly package: 16 sessions + loyalty card = 860aed
Afrodance group class per session: 70aed
Afrodance Private class per session =300aed
Afrodance monthly package 12 sessions = 3000aed
*We are flexible in timings for private afro dance classes*
You can reach us at:
What’s app: +971525495094
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Black fitness model
I am Jamal Succeeded, a freelance model and fitness trainer, influencer and content creator based in Dubai.  I do all types of modeling. I am open to collaborate and work with any black-owned business and others in the UAE and beyond. I give one on one fitness training, group classes. I am the co-founder of AfroFit Dubai, a black-owned fitness center.  
Visit my website: jamalsucceeded.com
Phone: +971 521202961
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Black yogi
I offer individual and private yoga classes virtually during covid-19. In addition to teaching yoga I am a board certified behavior analyst and provide consultative support using behavior change strategies to help others optimize their mental health. I offer both gentle and energetic yoga classes and guided meditations. 
People can contact me via Instagram @meloandchill
or via email at melodymsylvain@gmail.com

South African freelancer and personal trainer in the UAE . Black-owned Bootcamp operator in RAK “Getting you to your goal faster.”

You can reach Sean by Whatsapp at 0555935519  

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Black yogi Black-owned yoga teacher and wellness consultant
Purpose: Release the Magic Within

Vision: Guiding you to embrace your Divine feminine energy.

Mission: Empowering womxn to live in their authentic truth and embrace our feminine power. Through yoga, feminine embodiment, sound healing, somatic and intuitive guidance. I am dedicated to creating a nurturing and safe environment for beings to support inward focus and exploration of the body, mind, and spirit. The intention? Liberation.

Mantra: Feel. Breathe. Stay in your Power.

                                                                            Services Include:

-Privates: Yoga, Feminine Embodiment and Sound Healing Sessions  (womxn only)

-Consults: Compassionate listening and intuitive alignment 1:1 sessions. (womxn only)

-Corporate Yoga: Yoga and meditation  Ideal for businesses, teams, special events or any organisation seeking curated yoga sessions that address your specific wellness needs to optimize employee wellbeing.

I teach group classes at a Boutique Studio in JVC: Crimson Chamber. Schedules can be found in my linktree.

Learn more about Yoga Enchantress by visiting https://www.yogaenchantress.com/

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Yummie4Kids game out now! A free educational app that teaches children more about health and nutrition.
If you care about your children’s health & wellbeing this will be the best app for you, as it has 3 player mode, 3 characters, 3 level mode for beginners, advance and intermediate. The game based on a quiz of 335 Q&A that provides children that knowledge understanding about avoiding the obesity and diabetes epidemic, this is a fun way of learning for kids and parents. 
You can download the app by visiting the following links:
Find more by Yummie 4 Kids at the following links:
Music video 
Kids recipe book 

I’ve been 13 years in the fitness industry and help to transform a lot of people’s lives, mindset & nutritional well being. I’m also known most recently as the creator of children’s nutritional App, Yummie4kids which you can download on your app store. 

Contact me for Personal Training ZOOM Contact  by Email at Naturalphysiquept@gmail.com

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International Play Makers is a sports training company that teaches interested in learning more about basketball. IPM was established in 2014 in Al Ain,UAE.
The Abu Dhabi branch of IPM will be open for registration as soon as the country reopens.
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Tavares Hampton, owner of “Generation Fit” originated in Atlanta, GA and is now operational in Abu Dhabi.
Tavares is a graduate of Florida A&M University where he obtained a B.S in Psychology with a focus being Sport-Exercise Psychology. Tavares is a certified Fitness and Youth yoga instructor.
Services include:
1. Group and One on One Exercise (Weight loss, Toning, Muscle build)
2. Youth yoga 
3. Sport Specific skills training
4. Abu Dhabi & Dubai
You can contact Tavares by email at  hampton.tavares@gmail.com
Or by phone 
971 058 567 7126 (UAE)
404 901 5689 (US)
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Love a good read? Check out these black authors who publish literary artwork, magazines, childrens stories and more!

Jessica Harriet Turley is a 2009 graduate of North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University. Hailing from Buffalo, New York, Jessica learned the value of education early on, as her mother held various positions within Buffalo’s Board of Education and her father, while climbing the corporate ladder, held a position as a social studies teacher. From her older brother Simpson; a Howard University graduate, Jessica learned to persevere, as he would later become an excellent Financial Advisor and Wealth Manager.

Later, Jessica continued her educational journey at Canisius College, earning a Master’s Degree in Adolescent Education; Secondary English. Becoming an educator herself in 2011, Jessica has now relocated to the United Arab Emirates, where she serves as a teacher to local students. In 2019, Jessica married her husband John, a fellow teacher, who shares the passion to educate abroad. She is a proud member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Incorporated.

Behind Her Wall tells the story of a young woman’s journey through life and self- discovery. Not only is it an honest depiction of factual trials and tribulations, it also shows the development of her self- destructive patterns, personal growth and evolution. During her journey, the author invites you into her deepest memories to reveal her innermost thoughts. Reliving moments from her childhood, teenage years, and early adulthood, she unveils her beaten path and the lessons learned along the way. With each bruise came insight. Each scar, determination. Each bump, a realization. They all were contributing factors to her wall. It was inevitable 

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LaToya Lewis has been working with children as an educator for over a decade. She has always loved books and began writing her own stories to express her feelings about current events going on in her life.

LaToya is a native of Columbus, GA. She is a proud alumnus of Florida A & M University where she earned her degree in education. Her greatest passion is for education and traveling. Her goal is to inspire youth to dream big and step outside of the United States. LaToya is also a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. where she represents her sorority best by volunteering whenever she has an opportunity. Currently, she resides in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. 


Meet Brailey a little girl who loved to color. In fact, her favorite thing to color was people of all different shades of color. Until one day in art class, Max told Brailey she was a black girl not brown. She was always told she was a little brown princess. Brailey soon realizes that everyone does not see the world in color the way that she does.

You can purchase I AM BROWN here
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Black owned fashion magazine

UAE-based publication, Out and About STYLE Magazine is an all-in-one monthly publication that covers fashion, beauty, lifestyle, arts, culture, and a segment called ‘Behind the Brand’, which is an inspiring journey into the life of an entrepreneur. It also has special features including, ‘Talent Pool’, ‘Taking Lessons’ and ‘For the Culture’. Taking Lessons’ looks into the lives of career-driven individuals and their amazing stories of how they balance career and entrepreneurship. The magazine also seeks to provide a voice to people who might not be able to speak for themselves.  


Out and About STYLE Magazine is one of the few, if not the only Middle East-based magazine that produces celebrity-free and gossip-free content. Instead, it focuses on everyday heroes – real people living extraordinary lives and relatable topics.  Out and About STYLE Magazine believes that our biggest inspiration will come from people that are ‘more reachable’ – everyday individuals.  

Our sloganReal people living extraordinary lives

To advertise, feature or use our additional services: sales@outandaboutstylemag.com
Click here to access our website

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Check out the May-June issue of Out and About STYLE Magazine

Publishing company

Lit Publishing Ltd. is an Author Education and Alternative Publishing company. We provide support for authors and aspiring authors to craft inspiring, transformative, and empowering stories. Through our comprehensive programs and one on one consultancy, we guide authors through their story conception, development, refining, and publishing. Lit Publishing Ltd. knows the importance of author branding and marketing. These are key areas that we work on with our authors to ensure their success. We help authors live their passion, gain freedom, and create multiple streams of income.


Lit Publishing Ltd. believes that:

Words are our most powerful tools.

Everyone has a story to tell.

A well-crafted story can empower, inspire, transform, and make a world of difference for its readers.

Our mission is to:

Support authors and aspiring authors by providing the technical expertise needed to achieve personal and professional writing and publishing goals and successfully launch their informational or fictional products.

Provide educational, inspirational, motivational, spiritual, soul-stirring, and engaging content for diverse readers and fan-base around the globe.

 You can access our website by clicking here.

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Black female authors

Mariah Violet is from Dallas, Texas. After a short stint in corporate America, she found her niche in education, where she has served the children of Dallas and the United Arab Emirates for the past seventeen years. Writing was long a dream of hers and in 2015, she finally realized her dream with the publication of her first novel Laidover in Dubai under the imprint Jessica Watkins Presents. She has since published two additional novels. She enjoys traveling, music, a great story and conversations with smart people.

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Urban empowerment

Innovative, motivated and realistic are just three words that describe award-winning Talent Manager, empowerment speaker and Music Consultant, Albert Carter.

He is a mentor and educator with a vision to enhance the quality of life through music and his authorship.

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Keep It Real: Urban Journal

Going Global

Childrens book

My name is Tammy Thurman and I’m a creative writer. Although from the Midwest, I spent most of my youth in the Sunshine State of Florida. Nothing brings me greater joy than soaking up sunny rays and sinking my feet in the sand. Well, that plus traveling……which is how I ended up in the Middle East. I took a year to travel, live with purpose, and learn the shared human experience. Along the way, I discovered a burning desire to empower and inspire the youth I met. So I created Living Beyond Borders; an initiative to elevate kids to be stewards of humanity and advocates for children around the world.

It is my belief, in order to create change for global peace and awareness, we must first plant the seeds in the minds of our youth. What better way to enjoy this wonderful experience, than taking a journey through a series of children’s books!

The first of which is my debut book, Along Comes Finley. In this moving tale of friendship, classmates Micah and Ava discover a bond of trust and compassion when Finley, the fennec fox from Africa, goes missing. Embark upon the journey with this group of friends and their unlikely class pet! Books are available now for

Pre-Order at www.tammythurman.org.
Amazon Official Release date is July 4, 2020.

Website: www.tammythurman.org
Email: info@tammythurman.og
Phone: +1 (678) 632-1045

“Planting Seeds of Compassion, One Book at a Time”

Black female author
Jes’ka Washington fell in love at first sight. With words, and has birthed her career as a poetry, storyteller, thought-provoking, and much more.
Each of her four books are different literary journeys all with different tales to teach. 
Fall in love with How We Live, experience the streets of Chicago with Eddie J., or find truths in Vulnerability, all these journeys are available by just opening a page and snuggling into a story.
Learn more about Jes’ka by visiting her website
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The Anthology of Sisterhood: 22 Shades of Red

The book was co-authored by 22 members of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. during the Centennial year of the organization. This book is a collaboration of short stories, poems, and essays dedicated to all women. This book can be purchased on Amazon or by clicking here


Black female author

Diva Mentoring Program: The Power Journal

The Power Journal is an extension of the DIVA Mentoring Program to ensure the continual growth of adolescents, young ladies, and even adult women across the world. This unique journal is filled with daily affirmations, inspirational poems, and guided journal entries to promote progress, build esteem, and manage important transitional stages in life. Anyone that utilizes this journal is sure to experience a great life change. This book can be purchased on Blurb.com or by clicking here

Black female author

You can send inquiries to deirdremitchell23gmail.com

Black authors

Lessons Learned Publications is made up of three unique book series, each carefully crafted to offer its readers new perspectives about how they see the world. 

You Got Options Adventure Series focuses on using sound financial principles to live empowered lives. Each series follows the adventures of a young adult who transforms their passions and hobbies into successful businesses.

Come with Us Adventure Series chronicles the real-life travels of Simon and Cheryl Card, a teaching abroad couple who have traveled to over 40 countries in the last five years while living in the United Arab Emirates.

The Whiz Kidz Adventure Series tells the stories of four amazingly talented young people from diverse backgrounds who combine their unique gifts and talents to help their friends discover that everyone is special in their own way.

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Click here to check out the Come With Us Adventure Series

Click here to check out The Whiz Kidz Adventure Series

Marilene Shane is currently a school leader living in Abu Dhabi, UAE and the author of a travel book on solo travel for Black women titled, ” Solo Travel: Try It At Least Once! “.
She wrote this book in hopes of inspiring other Black women to step outside of their comfort zones and embark on their own solo missions.  She has contributed to other books on travel and it’s connection to mental health in the black community and atticles on travel as well.
To purchase Solo Travel: Try It At Least Once! in the UAE click here
To purchase in the US or on Kindle click here
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Ms. Allison’s Reading Room is a YouTube channel where you can listen to stories of all kinds.  This channel can be watched as a family. Each story has conversation starters, comprehension questions and or fun activities to do as a family.  I invite you to like, share and subscribe to Ms. Allison’s Reading Room.  Follow us on Instagram to be in the know on upcoming stories and for a chance to be featured on the channel.  It is my priority to read stories from new authors.  

If you have written a book please email the book details to coleyallison2004@gmail.com.  We will be sure to consider your book to be featured on this channel.         

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Tia Mills, travel instigator, teacher and author has taken her passion for artistically jet setting and put it on paper. Affectionately known as Tia Takes The World , Tia has created a line of books that promote productivity while traveling, relieve stress while working and build confidence while navigating life!

Check out her products by clicking here and scrolling below.

My Journey Abroad Travel Journal

Preparing to move abroad and have a ball of emotions? Are you ready to move but you don’t know what you are getting yourself into? Don’t worry, This journal is your personal helper to kick off your new chapter as well as document this exciting endeavor.

My Journey Abroad is a personal journal to help you ease into your move abroad, and capture the memories along the way. Get into this interactive workbook created to help you on your new adventure.


Hardly Home, an inspirational coloring book for the melanated traveler. Tap into your artistic side and wander even without catching a flight! Hardly Home was created to pay homage to people of color who travel the world but lack representation, THIS ONE IS FOR YOU!

Get into these 20 pages of jet setting during your down time or with your friends and family. Hardly Home is not only an interactive coloring book but also serves as a bucket & accomplishment list. Check off places you want to visit in the iconic cities featured or take a trip down memory lane by creating a guide of your favorite places in each location you’ve visited.

adult coloring book

Life is not always fun, fair or, easy. HOWEVER, you should let nothing prevent you from showing up POSITIVE, CONFIDENT, and READY to kick life in the ass!

Inclusive of my favorite twenty SELF-LOVE affirmations, “Affirmed AF” is my gift to the world to help individuals rid self sabotaging ideas of themselves and to allow them to establish a healthy presence in the midst of a little less stress, a little more confidence and a SHIT TON of sass!



Inside you will find over 45 positive affirmation pages that will encourage you to experience the best vibes. Each page features a unique affirmation and design which you can bring to life with your artistic touch.



Check out the UAE black-owned businesses  that will fill you up! 

Customized meal planner

Marcie’s Edible Art is a black-owned business that was founded July 2012 as a catering, baking and creating edible art.

I was raised in the kitchen watching my grandma, mom and dad cook and bake for years. My family had a cafe and a BBQ pit and I helped with the cooking and barbecuing.

I began cooking and baking for my friends and family and when they’d share the food and desserts with others I began to get orders for more. That’s where it all began. The business has now added weekly keto meal prepping.

Marcie’s Edible Art provides you with a “Taste of Heaven With A Touch of Class”

Call/WhatsApp +971562667646

Email: marciesedibleart@gmail.com

Click here to order from Marcie’s Edible Art.

Black owned eatery

Originallly from Somolia, we launched in 2016 in Abu Dhabi. Shay Madhboot, a Black-owned tea shop, literally means “perfect tea”. This is a family business that started with the aim to focus on local dishes and providing a cosy, hidden gem feel to it.

From a fragrant mint tea in Morocco to matcha in Japan and a British builder’s brew, there’s no doubt that there’s something special about a cuppa, wherever you’re from.

If you are into design and home decor, this is a place you’ll want to visit.

The shop is open seven days a week and the daily timings are:

Saturday to Thursday – 6am to 1pm and 5pm to 10pm
Friday – 7.30am to 11am and 5pm to 10pm

Our motto is “sip of love with every cup”. 

Click here to follow Shay Madhboot on Instagram.

West African Food

Located in Abu Dhabi, we are a family business of wanderlusts focused on bringing West African and Caribbean cuisine and culture to the nation’s capital. Our main effort is to serve delicious food that brings people together in celebration and leaves them invigorated. 

Oh, and the name? We wanted something that would represent where our family and culinary influences are from: Sierra Leone is nestled on the coast of West Africa and Trinidad and Jamaica are tropical islands in the West Indies … now you know!

Contact us at 026719119




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Black-owned African Restaurant

KIZA is the best authentic Pan-African restaurant in UAE. The venue serves best-in-class Pan-African hospitality and entertainment spanning across dining, music, fashion, art and entertainment.

We welcome you to embark on a multi-sensory journey across the beautifully diverse regions of Africa to experience authentic Pan-African cuisine, accompanied by finest flavors. Continue this journey by engaging your senses beyond taste, to the sights and sounds of Africa.

This journey embodies the vibrancy of a continent. This journey, we have coined Africa, inspiring the World. This is the KIZA journey   

Discover Africa, its heritage, culture and its mysteries at KIZA Restaurant & Lounge.

Click here to order online

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Black owned vegan restaurant

Catfish is a dining concept with African roots, exploring food for wellness.

Reach us at 052 547 9479 to order

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UAE black-owned content creators. Check them out and follow for their inside scoops and reviews.

Black content creator

Tia Takes the World is a UAE black-owned travel brand created by Tia Mills, a millennial travel enthusiast with a knack for finding the best ways to travel on a budget.

Currently living in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, teaching PE, Tia loves to explore her current playground and share her expat journey with her followers.

Sharing inspiration and travel tips to the youth is a passion that Tia has had since college and she has served as a mentor, speaker, and counselor to many who aspire to live abroad and travel.

Tia’s travels will have you laughing, leave you feeling inspired, and empowered all along the way.

As a freelance blogger and creator Tia has had the honor of working with different brands like Emirates airline, The Inn Crowd, The Sofitel hotel group to name a few.

Tia’s motto is to “Travel More and Spend Less.”

Follow along as Tia Takes the World and you will be sure to want to take the world too!

To book Tia for collaborative work, creative filming, editing, or blog writing you can send an email to TiaTakesTheWorld@gmail.com

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And make sure to share Tia’s recent post on UAE black-owned businesses. (hint hint, you’re reading it 😉)

Lifestyle and fashion blogger
MONIQUE L. SPEARMAN is a freelance multi-faceted writer, curator, and creator. The quirky best friend you wish you always had and self-proclaimed Beyhive president, this lipstick lover addicted to spicy food is living her best life based abroad in UAE. Storytelling her way around the world, the proud Seattle native seeks adventure through travel.
Blending a passion for content creation, social media marketing, photography, and travel, Monique created her blog website RaineyAmore.com in the spring of 2017 as a hobby. Raineyamore.com is a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and travel brand that encourages men and women from around the world to live their best lives, out-loud. Inspired by the aesthetics of different cultures, Monique wants to show the world, “Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it!”  
Through her writing, Monique strives to create a transparent, relatable, honest voice that touches on a range of topics from sex, mental health, and dating, fashion, and more.
Featured in several publications including Xonecole.com, Out and About Style Magazine and Parlour Travel, Monique plans to continue writing, while manifesting her dreams to be featured in Vogue, Bazaar, and Essence Magazines.
In 2019, Monique began her modeling career as a way to build her confidence in front of the camera and embrace her newfound love for her natural hair and petite curvy figure. Her modeling portfolio contains projects for several brands both local and international including Ziva Nasser, Kunnda.co, and Afrikrea.
Monique is currently working on a self-love lingerie project with local UAE photographer Young Habiti, through this project, she hopes to inspire men and women to embrace their body, imperfections, and all.

In 2020, Monique launched “Black-Owned UAE” a visually curated directory of Black-Owned businesses based in the United Arab Emirates. She created Black-Owned UAE after she saw a need for a visual directory catering to the Black community in UAE.

You can view more of Monique’s work on her website www.raineyamore.com

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Black british expat

I am a Travel and UAE Expat Blogger. My motto ‘traveling like a local, living within my means.’

I’m a Christian, a happily married wife, and a lover of music & dance (Afrobeats is my favorite genre but I dabble in all sorts). I enjoy eating out and meeting new people. If you really want to get to know me, check out this blogpost entitled ‘29 Insecurities from a Secure 29 Year Old.

Life as an Abu Dhabi Expat meant that I had the opportunity to travel to so many places with my husband. #BlackRelationshipGoals. I love how our generation has been injected with the travel bug and I constantly found myself turning to blogs to help choose travel destinations and itineraries. However, the more of a seasoned traveller I became, the more I realised how important it was to seek information from Black travel bloggers; in some cases, it’s a matter of safety.

It was at a Black British Bloggers event in summer 2019 where I realised I could become a UAE lifestyle blogger. In the same way I could add to the Race Archives regarding travel, I could also give insightful information about living in the UAE (I’ve been here 3 and a half years now for goodness sake) from my perspective. I don’t know any Black British Female Married Christian Abu Dhabi Lifestyle Bloggers, do you? Good. 

Asides from travel, I’m a bit of a relationship blogger and sometimes dabble in religion and education (I’m a teacher after all)! I may not write about these topics conventionally or overtly but all my posts have a combination of these topics at the root.

I really hope you enjoy reading my material. Please join my mailing list if you like my stuff, connect with me, and for the love of God, follow me on my socials! Let’s be friends.

You can contact me about booking by emailing me at hello@helendebrahampofo.com

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Medical and lifestyle vlogger

I started my YouTube as a mashup and outlet for me to escape the uptight professionalism of my day to day and to give place to my creative side. I get to be myself fully on my page and talk about travel, beauty, and everything in between.

Watch me tackle various topics if you have interests in multiple things.

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Black culture blogger

Hi, I’m Patricia and I am addicted to travel, coffee and photography. I packed my bags nearly 4 years ago to bring my talents to the middle east! The friends, the connections and the love I have encountered while living here has changed my life in ways I could never have imagined. I will be sharing my life as a UAE expat & entrepreneur, and sharing the ins and outs of navigating life as a QWOC abroad!  

Check out more of my work by following my blog post at Afro’s Abroad

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Fashion Vlogger

A travel and lifestyle vlogger whose goal is to inspire the black community to travel while on a budget. My Youtube channel is great for a community of people who would like to get out of their comfort zone to explore and become more adventurous. I am also hauling reasonable stylish items that will allow you to save without breaking the bank.

Being a teacher I realized that many teachers battle enjoying life, but it is possible.

So tune in as I share my lifestyle and travels that are beneficial to your lifestyle.

You can follow me on YouTube by clicking here.

Black podcaster

Have you had your tea today?

Join Tiffany J for a piping hot discussion covering the tea of the day: life, travel, love and everything in between.

Florida Native, Tiffany Johnson, brings you an expat perspective on millennial life, travel, relationships and everything in between. As an educator of nearly a decade, her experiences in the USA and abroad have provided a wealth of knowledge and advice to all millennials near and far. Sip your Tea with Tiffany weekly on your favorite streaming platforms.

You can tune listen to Tea With Tiffany by clicking here 

Contact Tiffany J by email at TeaWithTiffanyJ@yahoo.com

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Black content creator

Abbz living the expat life in the beautiful city of Abu Dhabi. Join me for a glimpse at my experiences here. Also, if you are looking to move to Abu Dhabi, I hope my videos help you in your research about life in this Emirate. Thanks for subscribing. 😊 PS: New video every Wednesday! ✨🌻

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Narratives PR – a boutique PR and communications consultancy geared towards helping black-owned businesses and businesses with publicity, strategic communications and book publishing, brand development, and entrepreneurial design.

Our client roster now includes personal brand owners and businesses in the UAE, the UK, USA, and across Africa and Africa.

Our tagline “Your vision. Your story. Made clear” is an ode to our pursuit to help new businesses move from ideation to launch in a fully integrated and affordable manner while connecting with the minds and hearts of their audiences.

Contact us by visiting our website yournarratives.com


Do you need to capture an event or scene perfectly? Check out these UAE black-owned businesses focusing on visual arts.

Black male photographer

G. Reid Photography is currently operated out of the UAE by Garvin Reid. His specialties include but are not limited to; portraits, events, maternity, lifestyle, and travel photography. You can find out more at www.Instragram.com/ReidTweenDaLine 

Black female photographer
Born and raised in Brooklyn, NYC. I was always the little oddball of the bunch. From the way I dressed to my many varied interests. Once I was old enough to realize that my insane imagination was a sign of my artistic spirit I was able to unlock a side of me that had never before seen day. From dance, to photography, to fashion design and more. All these aspects of my personality has helped me build a creative eye for photography that I use to showcase my clients in their best light.
For services and booking, visit our website
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Black freelancer creator

I am a freelance videographer/photographer who loves to help people capture precious moments to share and relive with others. My appreciation for great footage and storytelling came from the irritation I had having to retell the story of the vacations and exciting experiences I had over and over again so I picked up a camera to start documenting certain parts of my life and travels and haven’t stopped since.

Email me for inquires at whatnowabby@gmail.com

You can see more of my work on my website Abby Teaching Afar or at the links below

Men’s Class Photoshoot

Santorini Photoshoot


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Black male videographer

With a personal motto of “Excellence in Execution”, Corey D’ron seeks to capture life through the lens in its best and most creative form by displaying stunning beauty in even the most simple of imagery.

Corey D’ron started expressing his affinity with the creative art of photography in 2006.  He’s worked with various models and personal clientele on a wide variety of projects, such as portraiture, fashion, and boudoir. 

Corey D’ron has photographed various corporate and social events, landscapes, architecture, weddings and engagements, maternity, and family/personal portraits. With his relocation to the beautiful sands of the United Arab Emirates in 2015, he now offers to the international community his various levels of creativity, while looking to capitalize on his talents in the ever-evolving world of photography.


Edub is a portrait photographer located in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Specializing in individuals, couples photography, including maternity, senior/college grads, family photos, pregnancy announcements, military homecomings, birthday milestones and more.

“It Not Just Photography, It’s a Life Style”

You can contact Eric for more information via WhatsApp at +971 56 986 1818

Visit the website at Edubphotography.com

Check out more of Edubs photography work by clicking here

You can reach Eric by email by clicking here

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UAE black-owned businesses committed to slaying your mane. Check them out below.

black hair care

We are a community for women with natural Afro hair in the UAE. A directory of black-owned hair care specialist providing everything we need for our natural hair to flourish in the desert! We give each other tips and recommendations and point each other in the right direction regarding finding products and salons who cater to us.

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We have another Facebook group that you can follow by clicking here

You can email us at afrohairuae@gmail.com

Hair extensions for women of color
“Experience The Exceptional”
Our black-owned boutique salon offers a wide range of wigs, hair pieces, and hair extension services. Additionally, we provide hair restoration treatments for those suffering from thinning hair or damaged hair, as well as general hair care services such as shampoo and blow-dry, as well as cutting, coloring and more.
What makes us unique is our experienced team of stylists who are licensed in cosmetology from the United States. Combined, they have over 40 years of cosmetology experience. You’re in good hands at Babe’s Wig and Hair Company.   
You can contact us by visiting our website or call us at +971561105900.
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Black mens barber shop

Fade and Play, a black-owned barbershop for gents offering haircut, facial, manicure/pedicure services as well as entertainment activities with pool table, TV, and video.

Fade and Play is a barbershop concept, a classy urban man cave for lads to get fresh and to get into some fun.

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Black-owned hair salons
We are a black-owned salon based in Abu Dhabi specializing in braids, extensions, weaves and hair color.
Call us today for an appt. at 02 4480 450 or +971 56 833 8126
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black-owned hair salon

Moonlight ladies salon is a, black-owned beauty salon in Abu Dhabi specializing in all hairstyles, manicure, pedicure, facial treatment and make-up, Morrocan bath, waxing and henna, braiding weave on hair extensions, eyebrow treatment, and hair coloring

Contact us at +97126727694

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Address: 11th Street, Defence Road, Abu Dhabi, UAE (same building as Orchid Car Accessories)
Contact us by phone at +97126416700

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black-owned beauty salon

African Hair Salon Dubai is one of the Best Hair Salon in Dubai Serving in All Emirates of UAE. Visit our Website www.AfricanSalonDubai.com
or contact us by phone at+971523140074
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black-owned hair salon

                        3 Sisterlocks™️ Practitioners joining forces to give you the best of Establishments and Retights at Afrotherapy Dubai.

Call to book appointments +971554557611
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Black-owned  hair salon
The leading black-owned hair and nails salon in the UAE specializing in thick/curly/Afro/kinky hair nails and makeup!
Visit our website Brown Sugar Hair Salon or call us to book an appointment at+97143263288

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black-owned salon

Visit our website www.jeyzhair.com to book an appointment or contact us by phone at +97143809978/+971567758379
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Black womens hair salon
Ladies hair salon providing hair care and beauty services.
We work with all hair type but mainly specializing on Afro/ Caribbean hair.
Address: 154 Sheikh Zayed Road, Near Dubai Mall Metro Station Exit 2, Al Wadi Building, Shop 5-6, Dubai, UAE
Contact us by phone at +97142286899

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We provide quality service and bring out the true beauty in you at the best affordable price. Visit us today and we will give you a good treat!!!
Queens beauty salon, established in 2013 and located at Dubai International City, Dubai is a ladies-only salon specializing in hair braiding services of all kinds, weave installation, wigs and we also provide nail services as well. We take bookings via:
Direct calls/WhatsApp messager on 059249244 
You can also reach us on Whatsapp by clicking here 
Follow us on Facebook by clicking here
Follow us on Instagram by clicking here 


UAE black-owned businesses dedicated to helping you take the world. Book with them today

black owned travel business

I am the owner of Mz. International Travel Agency. I plan affordable trips around the world. I also help train other travel enthusiasts to turn their passion for travel into income.

“Let me be your passport to the world.”

You can learn more at my website

You can also contact me via email

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black-owned businesses

Diva Adventures Travel is available to assist with planning your weekend getaways, family vacations, girls’ trips, destination weddings, summer travel, and much more.

Adventure with this experienced traveler and travel agent for your travel needs.

Send inquiries to deirdremitchell23@gmail.com, explore vacations on our website Diva Adventures Travel

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black-owned businesses coffee tour

If you want to see all the black-owned cafes in Dubai, spend your morning doing a coffee tour (black-owned and operated!)

Guests can be picked up from a central location or will be given a designated meeting point. From there we will visit 4 locally-owned cafes and a roastery. Emirati and global coffees will be tasted and at the roastery, we will be able to see the process from green bean to cup!

Book your tour by clicking here


Need help planning your next event? Check out these UAE black-owned businesses devoted to making your event one to remember forever!

black-owned businesses planning services

Your Day, Our Time is a Luxury Wedding and Event planning service based in Dubai. We are able to plan everything from a small baby shower to a 250 guest count wedding. As a company we have a lot of experience in planning events in other countries including South Africa (Cape Town), Thailand (Krabi), London & Seychelles).

Click here to learn more about Your Day Our Time Luxury Planning Services.


Looking for a program that is dedicated to inspiring and motivating our youth? Check out these UAE black-owned businesses that guide, empower and mentor.

Black youth group

You Got Options Adventure Series focuses on using sound financial principles to live empowered lives. Each series follows the adventures of a young adult who transforms their passions and hobbies into successful businesses.

Benefits of YGO:

  • Engaging Story

  • Vocabulary Page

  • Comprehension Questions

  • Activity Page

  • Created by teachers

  • Financial Literacy

  • Real-World Application

  • Math and Language Arts Integration

Click here to watch You Got Options videos

Click here to purchase You Got Options series

The Non-Profit Organization Founder – Bonita Inez Carroll Foundation, Inc.

A non-profit organization that aims to tap into the full potential of today’s youth through mentoring, tutoring, college preparation, leadership development, community service, and scholarship grants.

We have locations in Atlanta, Georgia, and Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Please send communications or inquiries to bicfoundation74@gmail.com

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Our Mission

Empower kids to be stewards of humanity and advocate for children around the world.

Do you consider yourself kinda wonderful?

Then dare to change the world!

Join us for:

  • Monthly Meetups (yoga, crafts, photography,  technology,  sports, chess, + more interests)
  • Parties with a Purpose (community service)
  • Annual Retreats (global initiatives)

If you are an interested youth join by clicking here

If you are interested in becoming a mentor click here

Click here to follow us on IG 


Looking for UAE black-owned businesses that can take care of your baby needs? Well, you’ve come to the right place! 

360-SHADOW™ is your one-stop-shop for all your baby needs. We provide 100% high-quality products at the best prices available. Customer Satisfaction is our guarantee from start to finish. For our customers, we are available 24/7 hours.


FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/360shadow.babyshop

INSTAGRAM: www.instagram.com/360shadow.babyshop/


Are you in need of tax preparations or real estate guidance? Look no further! Check out these UAE black-owned businesses to help where you are in need.

Michael Prout, MBA
International Tax Accountant and Business financing consultant
Personal and business tax professional for over 30 yrs. Providing all types of financing solutions for small businesses, SBA loans, merchant cash advance, Lines of credit, equipment financing, CRE loans, etc. (US based businesses only)
You can contact Michael by phone at 054-4010309 or 732-721-3409
Contact Mr. Prout by email here proutax@aol.com for taxes
Mr. Prout can also be reached by email here mprout@11capitalfinance.com

I bring over 15 years of real estate experience both in the USA and the UAE, with a vast knowledge of both villas and apartments available for lease or for Sale thought Abu Dhabi. My expertise in the real estate market along with key negotiating skills and excellent developer/landlord contacts will ensure you are provided with the best in class service.

Jay Dee Dillard
International Real Estate Broker
Leasing and Sales

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  1. Soulful Beading by Jullanar Shukree is a dope fashion and jewelry business. That’s who does my earrings and waist beads.

    1. Hey there Anthony! If you could send me a bio for your business along with all of the included information, pictures for the directory and services you offer I can promptly add you!

  2. Well done on such a comprehensive list! Thanks for sharing and keep being freakin’ awesome!

  3. That was great Tia Mills , Thanks for taking the time and dedication to show everyone that black owned businesses do exist in the UAE. You Rock!!!!!

    1. Dee!!! Thank you! We are popping out here! It was overdue to make this list. I just hope it helps someone.

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