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When you travel you want to experience little hassle and lots of food, fun, and explore iconic sites. If you want to guarantee a unique trip on limited time keep on reading to get the ultimate 3 day guide to the city of love.

Paris, France, also known as “The City of lights,” has always been on my travel bucket list. From seeing it’s iconic locations in movies, hearing it talked about in songs, and reading about the dope history in school I HAD to get there! Now if you’ve followed my travels then you probably already know that my first go at entering the magical city wasn’t so successful. (Check out the trip that brought on a downpour of tears, cancelled flights and ultimate deportation)




Alas, I finally made it. And I had THE BEST TIME EVVVVVAA!! I could’ve definitely experienced more of Paris and France if I had more time but trips are what you make it and I made my quick trip such an experience I felt I would be doing the world a disservice if I didn’t share with you.



I often go for the budget hotel options with consideration to the distance of the places that are on my “visit list”. I was surprised that during this trip I found a cute boutique hotel which was only 1.2 KM (.74 miles) from the Eiffel.

Le Marquis Hotel was $500 for 3 nights and 4 days. The hotel was really cute, quaint and in walking distance to the Eiffel, metro station, and a lot of restaurants.

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As a self-proclaimed budge-lux traveler I am very intentional about choosing methods of travel when I am visiting new places. I always want to make sure that when getting around I keep the insides of my pockets lined but at the same time, I’m not riding in germ-ridden and slowly moving modes of transportation.

I was pleasantly surprised when I traveled through Paris. Their public transportation was clean, efficient and very accessible.

I decided to use the bus Le Bus Direct leaving the airport. It took me directly to the city center and a 7 – minute walk from my hotel from the Tour Eiffel stop. The ticket was 18 euros one way, which compared to Uber (50-60 Euros) was a steal. The bus had wifi, luggage storage and charging ports for your phone.

When it was time to navigate through the city I used various forms of transportation. Lime (electric bike), Metro, and Bus. 



LIME: This by far was my favorite mode of transportation. You can control how fast you go, view the city as you ride and decide how much you want to pay/how far you go. It was so much fun and brought out the kid in me.

Lime’s cost $1 to activate and .15 cent per minute that you use it. Pretty efficient if you ask me.


The metro & bus system in Paris is absolutely top-notch. The cost of each fare was only 1.90 euros. There are options to purchase a package of 10 trips or more for a discounted price. The trains and bus were always on time. I didn’t really find them to be overcrowded except during peak hours – when people were going to and coming from work.





Obviously, there are several options of things to do in one of the most visited cities in the world. And, although I love a good tourist stop, I like to mix it up with experiences that are unique to me.

I definitely suggest that if you visit during the warmer months trying a picnic in front of the Eiffel. I heard from multiple people that the park gets really crowded but in the 4 days that I was there it wasn’t really congested at all.

There is a Carrefour grocery story near to the park. I purchased my champagne, fruits, salad and chicken for about 20 Euros. There were also people in the park selling champagnes and wine for 15-20euros if you don’t wanna stop at the store.


Some of the best tours that I have taken while traveling have been self made tours that I curated. BUT, I love booking pre-arranged tours with companies or people that are familiar with the area. I find that these tours give a more local feel. I love trying local cuisine, listening to local music and seeing the best local sites. Booking the Bateaux Parisiens Seine River Lunch Cruise gave me everything I love in a tour plus some.

The tour set sail on the Seine river right outside of the Eiffel tower. Tickets are as low as $66 USD depending on the time of year that you travel. Each tour offers a 3 course lunch, red & white wine, views of several iconic Parisean sites and live enteratinment. The tour lasted around 2 hours and was really amazing. The boat has an open deck that you can sit on to enjoy the views.


The cruise was definitely worth the money! If you are looking to do something outside of the box that will fill you up, give you a buzz and great vibes this cruise is for you.




Going to Paris to visit the famous landmarks while taking postcard worthy pictures has always been my dream and if you love capturing those instaworthy moments as much as I do, stopping over to each of these destinations will give you all of the vibes.

Trocadero Arc de triomphe



Now, I would never consider myself a foodie. I’m moreso a traveler that just loves to eat. And I have found that one of the best ways to eat is creatively. As a result, when I travel I like to try new things and experience different atmospheres. So, it was a major come up when I found out about the Japenese themed restaurant Kodwari Ramen.

Kodwari Ramen is a japanese restuarant made to replicate Tsukiji, the biggest fish market in the world. The decor in the resaturant is impressive in that it gives off the authentic vibes of the market, minus the smell. The restaurant even does the job of


Now although I have deemed myself “Taker of the World”, I wear many hats hence the alternative name “Tia, Queen of the Turn Up”. My title translates internationally and always leads me to the hottest nightlife spots. Paris has an area for pretty much everyone.


A swanky area in the 11th arrondissement of Paris. Oberkrampf gave me all of the after work, chill vibes. In fact, I stumbled across a wall street like bar that was really cool.

Wall street is a restaurant bar that puts your brokerage skills to the test. They have a really cool system where the drink prices are refreshed every 60 seconds. Now, you can stick with a price that you think is fair, or take a chance of the price lowering or increasing. Either way the concept is really fun.


Hands down one of the best places I have been to in terms of bar hopping. There are bars that line the street that play a variety of billboard 100’s, hip hop, and R&B music and offer daily drink specials. A true gem for a fun loving lush. I went on this side of town during working hours and during the late night hours. Both times were really fun!! At any point during your stroll down Rue De Lappe you can find a good meal, dancing music and a great time! The best part is, the street near the metro. QUADRUPLE WIN!!!


Paris showed me nothing but a great time. I look forward to visiting more of France in the future.

If you use any of my guide information or have some tips, drop them in the comments below.

You can also check out my vlog on Youtube of my trip.

Until next time,

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