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Everybody loves a good meal right? But what makes a good meal great? Discounts of course! And in true fashion, Abu Dhabi does it again! Providing brag-worthy service and unbelievable deals for next to nothing. Keep reading for Abu Dhabi’s hidden gem: Circle Cafe.


Circle Cafe is a cute boutique cafe with several locations around the UAE and other surrounding countries (Bahrain & Saudi Arabia). Circle Cafe was created in 2003 as a result of 2 moms lacking the comfort food and homey feel of a cafe in Dubai. You can find most Circle Cafe locations spread across Abu Dhabi and Dubai. (11 to be exact).Circle Cafe Locations.

The cafe was really cute and made me feel like I was in a friend’s living room. But if you’d much rather enjoy the comfort of your own living room, the restaurant has partnered with several delivery companies to deliver you their full menu. Moreover, they guarantee freshness with each order. Circle Cafe also offers services if you fall in love with the restaurant’s menu. AND, SPOILER ALERT, you will fall in love with the menu. In addition to all of those amazing offers, you can also hire them for catering services. How dope is that?



The cafe’s menu is really appealing with a range of breakfast, lunch and dinner items. But honestly, I wouldn’t go if I just saw the food menu. I can get scrambled eggs and smoothies (my fave) from practically anywhere in Abu Dhabi. What pulled me in was the weekend breakfast deal available Friday & Saturday. This deal is an all you can eat select breakfast menu for only 55aed (13 USD). That’s 9 hours of all you can eat goodness. Where they do that at? Abu Dhabi’s hidden gem, Circle Cafe. That’s where.


There are 23 items on the menu to choose from ranging from eggs any way, to meats, fruits, and deserts. You also have a variety of breakfast sweets to choose from. And did I mention that they offer a variety of coffee options with your meal? I’m talking black coffee, cappuccino, iced coffee and more.

Now, I’m more or less of a foodie but generally love eating good, wholesome meals. And some people may think “13USD? How good can the breakfast actually be?” Let me tell yall! I went IN on E and left out overfull! Everything I ate tasted so good. And I tried dang near EVERYTHING on the menu.

I started with a simple plate of scrambled eggs with cheese and mushrooms (I told yall I love eggs), paired with some beetroot and avocado toast. Beetroot may sound foreign and icky but it was DEELICIOUS!


Once I knew that my tank could use take a little more, I moved on to a breakfast sampler, which included, you guessed it more eggs! Sausage, sauteed tomatoes, beans, toast and veal bacon. Now I wouldn’t lie to yall, veal bacon can never compare to turkey bacon or pork bacon which I haven’t had in almost 10 years, but the memory is still there, but it was all that bad. I wouldn’t buy it from the store but, it was there ya know?


I finished off my foodscapade with some savory deserts. The first was a round of caramelized mini french toast topped with vanilla shavings and bananas. I would NEVER put this combo of deliciousness together but boy am I glad that the Circle Cafe did it for me. I ate EVERY BITE and I was low key tempted to order some more.

My last entree was caramel waffles. I know, I know, how much caramel can I eat!  The waffles were sooo good. They topped the waffles with pecans, bananas, and of course CARAMEL! The only served one slice but at this point, I only needed a taste because I was stuffed.


I tend to always travel with my bookbag; laptop, planner, and headphones on deck. I’m just always ready to work if the opportunity presents itself. And the way to my heart is for an establishment to have some good wifi so that I have no excuses. Circle Cafe did not disappoint. The wifi was strong and there was a nice, comfy seating area that gave me chic library vibes. They also had a really extensive stock of books, magazines and newspapers. I honestly wanted to sleep after I stuffed my face but the ambiance was so good I couldn’t resist but to knock out some work. They also had some good tunes playing in that kept me alert and of course singing from time to time.



I would totally recommend that if you are in the UAE and able to visit any of the Circle Cafe establishments that you take advantage. The atmosphere is soothing, the customer service is remarkable and the food is amazing. You know I wouldn’t steer you wrong. So do yourself a favor and Abu Dhabi’s hidden gem.

Be on the lookout for more hidden gems in Abu Dhabi, more Emirates in the UAE and all around the world.


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  1. This sounds amazing! When you’re talking good food, especially lots of it, for a good price, I’m game! Definitely will check this out on my next trip to the UAE!

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