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Married and Abroad

“Happiness is being married to your best friend”

Moving to a new place where you are unsure of the culture and environment can be a scary thing. But what can make it easy and so much more bearable is doing it with someone that you love! Read about how this love bird keeps everything afloat while being married and living abroad.



Here is the Netflix synopsis of my life

An HBCU graduate of Oakwood University thinks she has life all figured out … Fast forward 10 years later, life presents her with another comical and dramatic blueprint. Lol…In all seriousness, I’m simple, silly, sarcastic and sometimes to sassy for my own good. I have a passion for all things sugary, my family and travel. I love to say ” I’m from everywhere ” because truly I lived evvvvvverrywhere but to make a long story short  … Brockton MA made me, Charlotte, NC raised me, and Atlanta, GA used to pay me but now I’m out here grinding as a Grade 1 and 3 teacher in ABU DHABI!!!!

Scene!! Thank you director for that synopsis LOL. Now let’s get the real, reel. Tell us all the things we want to know about the difficulties, advantages, fun times and hardships of being married while living abroad.
 image2How long have you been living abroad?
2 years abroad… and I love it. I don’t think I’ll ever want to stay put in just one country. My ultimate dream is to live abroad in a Spanish speaking country.
Did you travel abroad by yourself?
No, my partner in crime, sidekick aka My hubby Reese was along for the long journey. I don’t think I would have been comfortable leaning on anyone else’s shoulders for the 14-hour flight here.

How long have you been married?

October 20th will make 5 years of marriage. In my opinion, Every year of marriage, you should receive medal, trophy, a tax break, some kind of incentive. It’s hard work.

What were your husband’s feelings about living abroad?

I remember him being really excited about a new experience. Keeping it 100, when you’re married or with someone for a long time, life gets very routine. I believe we both were ready for another chapter.

How has living abroad impacted your marriage?
Living abroad and being married is like competing in the Olympics, only the strongest survive. Now for those reading this thinking …that’s extreme. Let me explain, living in a foreign country away from allllllllll the elements that are daily distractions (ie. immediate family, work events, holidays, football season, have your 5 bedroom house) and then being placed with your spouse in an environment that neither of has control of will most definitely and has most definitely tested many marriages.

How do you both feel about living abroad? In your marriage and otherwise?

Currently, it’s been a challenge. My husband is back in the states now working. So I’m living abroad alone. Counting down the days to see him

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of living abroad as a married couple?
Living abroad gives a couple the opportunity to peel back a layer of your relationship and see it for what it truly is. You rely on each other more and there are moments of vulnerability that you experience together. Honestly, at times, I felt like the experience brought us together and there have been times I felt like it was going to break us apart. I believe a strong foundation and a genuine friendship is how you survive.
Do you and your husband plan to raise a family abroad?

We considered it but I’m too addicted to my passport book being stamped! Plus, I want our immediate family around for the child raising chapter of our story.

What are the foreseeable advantages and disadvantages of raising children abroad?

Obviously, the lack of family presence is a disadvantage for me. In the UAE it’s very popular and inexpensive to hire a live in nanny but I look forward to being a stay at home mom for the first five years of my children’s life….. little Justin and Phoenix.

If I wanted to raise children here in Abu Dhabi I would say it appears to be a kid friendly place. There are so many places and events catered to families with children.

What are your relationship goals? How do they or do they not align with your goals of living abroad?

We have many goals. I believe the most important goals are the day to day goals

Did I make him smile today? Did he love me using my love language today? Am I being considerate in my actions or with my time?

The day to day maintenance is how you achieve longevity at home or abroad.


Are there a lot of things for you to do as a married couple living abroad?

Eat, Eat and Eat! We love to go out and dine and there are lots of places that accommodate our selective taste buds.

Is there a community of married couples abroad?

Personally, I know more single people than married couples. The community of married couples is quiet. They’re probably at home, watching the Firestick!

How long do you and your husband plan to live abroad?

If it was up to me FOREVER but I appreciate my husband putting his career goals on hold so I can pursue my lifelong dream of living abroad.

Do you plan to live anywhere else besides your current location?

Yes, Spain!!  Maybe Central or South America! Anywhere I can enjoy life, serve others, and eat well.

Yaaaassss!! I love this so much Mrs. Reese. A true and honest love story is always a heart tugger for me. I’m sure my readers along with myself enjoyed and appreciate your perspective on living life as a married woman abroad. I wish much love, peace and travel stamps to you and your hubby (can’t forget Justin & Phoenix) as your continue on your journey. 
To my readers,
Keep the positive vibes

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