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Newly Single and Abroad

“When the wrong people leave your life, the right things start happening.”

Transitions often bring excitement and fear of the unknown. Our next featurette not only experienced the major transition of moving abroad but has most recently transitioned into the single life. Read about the motivations, struggles, and triumphs of my next interviewee as she moves abroad and experiences life as a newly single woman.



My name is Jacita. I’m a 46 years old working in the UAE as a EMT (English Medium Teacher). I am the proud mother of 3 children ages 27 (daughter) and twin boys (25). Each of my children has blessed me with one grandchild each. I am currently working on my doctorate of education and expecting to graduate March 2018. I am a strong God fearing woman and I believe that whatever happens in my life is part of HIS divine plan for my life…which includes finding the man that he created for me.
How long have you lived in the UAE
2017-05-27-PHOTO-00000714I have been in the UAE for 2 years.
Relationship Questions
When I first moved to the UAE, I was married.  Although my marriage was a little rocky, my hope was that the distance would actually improve the relationship and bring us closer; you know the saying, “absence make the heart grow fonder”.  In all sincerity, the saying is definitely true.  After being away from my husband for 6 months, I longed and desired for that feeling that I had when I first said: “I do”.  I left the States with the notion that either this move would “make us or break us”.  Unfortunately, it did not work out as I had hoped.  The same issues that we had in the States, were the same issues that we had in the UAE only elevated. Did this move to the UAE have a negative effect on my marriage?  I would have to say “no”.  It actually allowed us to stay longer than what we would have if we stayed in the States.
So what happened 2017-05-27-PHOTO-00000716to the relationship?
Fast forward 2 years later; my marriage is now dissolved and my peace of mind has been restored.  I am amazed at how 6 months alone could actually change a person.  During the period of 6 months, I learned how to live for me.  For 45 years, I was something to everyone else, but never EVERYTHING to myself.  Every decision I made was based on what was best for someone else and never for what was best for me.  I didn’t know how to live on my own.  During this move, I found ME and refused to accept or entertain any thoughts that could possibly threaten this new found joy.  Although my marriage ended, my ex and I still remain close friends.
Dating in the UAE
Jacita.jpgWell, let me first explain what I consider to be “dating”.  Dating is a mutual agreement between 2 people that have a common interest in possibly getting to know each other better and on not ruling out that possibility of a long term relationship.  If you are going out with someone as “something to do” and know that there is no way in hell that you would ever allow this to blossom into anything more, then I consider that as 2 people casually hanging out.  With that being said, I have no idea of what dating is like abroad. I have met some fun and interesting people that I like “hanging out” with and could truly call them “good friends”, but not love prospects yet…besides, I just learned how to be single!
The Men in the UAE
The men in the UAE are many.  The diverse selection of men here is wonderful!  Whatever flavor you desire in a man, you can find here.  There is a little eye-candy for everyone and I certainly enjoy the view.  The only
issue that I have is finding those men that are over the age of 40.  I’m too old of a cat to be playing around with a kitten (smile)!
Relationship Goals – Walking into my Destiny
Right now, my relationship goal is to become closer to my Lord and Savior and allow him to lead me in the direction that he sees fit for me to go.  If I put HIM first, my relationship goals will be aligned according to HIS will for me whether I am living abroad or back home in the States.  I am not looking for love, but if it finds me, so be it.


Thank you so much Jacita for sharing your wonderful story with us! Your journey and attitude towards it is so inspirational. I wish you the best of luck with your educational endeavors and I know that the man God has created for you will surely find you. Keep enjoying life and continue to spread that beautiful spirit, it’s contagious.
To my readers,
Keep the positive vibes

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  1. Good article. I understand. I divorced my husband then moved over here a couple months later. Life changing.

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