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Travel in itself takes a special kind of person. And when you start talking about adding other people, agendas, and personalities to the mix you can rest assured you will possibly, most certainly, PROBABLY run into some hiccups. Now, a travelers persona can change from trip to trip. I usually like to think of myself as a flexible group traveler…on the norm. But, given the right situation, my travel preferences may change.

Let’s take spring break or summer vacation. After an extended amount of time at work, I am ready to let loose and have fun with my crazy friends, so that automatically sets up an opportunity for a wild and crazy group trip.

Maybe there is a weekend that I can take a quick trip to the beach or there might be a chance to take a week in a romantic place like Paris or Seychelles…I probably want to just kick it with bae.

And then there are those times that I may ask people if they want to tag along, and they don’t want to, OR they say they want to and back out, in which case I’m forced to go at it alone, which is perfectly ok.

Lots of people are this way, flexible in their travels, and some people are not. Some people may not have even been in enough scenarios to even know exactly what type of traveler they are. Well don’t fret, as always, Tia is here to help you take the world!

Knowing who you are as a traveler as well as people that you may travel with is very important and can help shape the course of a trip.

Click on the link below to test yourself. Maybe the test will confirm what you already know, or it could teach you something new about yourself or your friends that you plan to travel with.


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So, as you may have imagined, I’m a GROUP TRAVELER AT HEART!!

How did you do? Are you preparing to sail the seas alone or with a group of friends? How did your friends do? Did they match up with you? Talk to me in the comments I’m interested to know.


Until next time,

Take The World!!


  1. I’m a group traveler! That mispronunciation question threw me though LOL. Depending on who it is I might laugh and keep it moving or cringe and tell my close friend lol.

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