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I Ain’t Never Scared! (Travel Fears)

Dream Trip Scenario:

Wake up on time with a perfectly packed bag, stop and have a snack before departure. All documents are present and accounted for. Flight staff is friendly, the flight path is clear, landing impeccable! The trip is unmatched, no problems, no scams just sun, fun and hella pictures.

Trip Scenario In My Mind:

Wake up 2 hours AFTER my flight takes off. All of my bags are overweight and I have to pay excessive fees. I can’t pre-select my seat so I’m stuck in the middle. The turbulence is horrible, I lose my documents, an atm eats my card and the camera on my phone gets broken.

Ok, let’s keep it real. It’s completely normal to be nervous before starting a new adventure or taking flight for a journey. That’s a part of being human. But that’s also one of the annoying parts of traveling. And for the newbies out there, don’t worry, even veteran travelers (like myself) get a little fearful too.

In this weeks post, I have compiled my top fears that I have during travel.  Some are quite common and general for most travelers (at least I think 🤔) but some, one might think, are pure fantasy and have less than 1% chance of happening to me. Stick around to read the post and let me know if you have similar fears or opposing fears that you face while traveling.

Alright, let’s make this interesting. I want to walk you through my fears from the time I plan, pack, take transit, travel, and return



Planning may be my favorite aspect of taking a trip. I literally love spending hours searching the top sights to see, the best restaurants to chow down at and of course the hottest clubs, bars, and lounges. But, during the countless hours of research and planning, I’m always fearful that I will forget something. A transfer somewhere or a tour. Or, maybe I’ll miss out on seeing a historic sight from lack of planning. Last year, I traveled to Bali, Indonesia, and had an amazing time. I literally have 1,500 pictures/videos to prove it. BUT, because I didn’t have the leisure of planning on my own, I didn’t get to see some of the places I had scrolled past with wishful eyes on Instagram and sought out through my blogging research from my fave travel influencers. Since then, my fear of lack of planning is low on the list but nevertheless, there.





Packing may hands down be one of the most tedious, nerve-wracking, annoying parts of travel for me. And for good reason! Packing can sometimes serve as a maker or breaker for a trip. Imagine traveling to a place that you have always wanted to visit. A place that is cold and icy. Chilling yet beautiful. You have all of your outfits ready to go and you arrive at your destination AND BOOM!! you have no coat. Or, no jacket! Let’s say you have travel plans for a tropical getaway. You’ve been planning for months! You arrive and BAM!! You have no bathing suit! For some of you, I’m sure are thinking, “This is an article about fears of traveling, packing is not that serious.” But travel and forget to pack something important. I don’t want to hear a word. 🤐



Ok, let’s move to more common and frightening aspects of travel that more of the readers can relate to. I always have that feeling in the pit of my stomach as I’m heading to the airport that I’m going to forget something important. For example, my passport, visa, cash, card ANYTHING. I always do my travel checklist and recite it before leaving. “Phone, wallet, passport. (repeat) Phone, wallet, passport. (repeat) Phone, wallet, passport.” For the most part, it has been a successful ritual, except a recent trip where Travis left his passport and we had to turn around halfway to the airport to pick it up. Luckily, we left early enough to go back and pick it up.




Anywhoo, moving right along. After I’ve made it through customs, the hullabaloo of security and finally have finally taken off, a new fear sets in on me….the plane crashing. Usually, I pray with my mom prior to departure and just close my eyes when the turbulence picks up, but I’d be lying if I didn’t tell you that I grip the armrest until my hands turn red. My heart drops to my stomach and I whisper a few “Lord, help me’s” when the plane rocks too hard. Fault me if I’ve watched too many final destination movies but my fear of crashing to my death is definitely at the top of my list.

This fear may go against some of your beliefs or may even make some mad and that’s ok. But my goal for this post as well as everyone is, to be honest to myself first of all and to keep it all the way 100 with you. But, here it is…

I’m always nervous that the plane is going to get highjacked. I don’t see any particular person or any specific action that makes me think that this is going to happen but I am just very fearful of terrorist attacks on planes. There are too many news stories and past events that indicate that at any given time an attack could happen. I think what heightens my fear is that there is no way to predict when or if it will happen.

I can’t be the only one with this fear, am I?


Clearly, I haven’t been hijacked or apart of a plane crash, thank God, and I pray that He continues to safely guide me in my travels. But the fear doesn’t stop in the air. Oh no, I wouldn’t be taking the world in true Tia fashion if I didn’t let my paranoia take over. I think my biggest fear would have to be the fear of being taken or having my belongings taken while traveling. Now, although I plan intensely when traveling, and make sure to cross all T’s and dot my I’s, one thing that tends to cross my mind is that there may be someone in the world who may not mean the best for me. And those odds are more against me when traveling to foreign countries. I typically look different (in the minority) and I don’t speak the language (shout out to the American public school system). So, I’m at a major disadvantage and in my opinion, subjected to attacks. I make sure to put my documents under lock and key, travel in well-lit areas and always know the location of the U.S Embassy but that fear that someone wants to take me as there captive remains.



After packing all my necessary items, taking all of my documents, flying safely, avoiding capture and losing all of my valuable belongings, I make it back home with enough energy to think about my next adventure. Now, hopefully, you didn’t read this post and say, “Damn, she made a lot of good points, I don’t want to travel!” and instead you said, “She’s a scaredy cat and hyper-vigilant and still finds joy in traveling the world. I want to, too!” Life, in general, is full of mishaps and eff ups that can put you in a whole mood! But just like you wouldn’t….or shouldn’t stay in bed letting life pass you by and miss out on life’s major wins, you shouldn’t let the fear of facing trouble while traveling stop you from taking the world.

I hope that you enjoyed this read. Make sure to share your travel fears with me in the comments.

Until next time,

Take The World!


2 thoughts on “I Ain’t Never Scared! (Travel Fears)

  1. I’m always nervous that I’ll lose my luggage when I’m traveling. It has never happened but I always take a carryon with exchangeable outfits just in case

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